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Web Team

This website was conceived, designed and created by the Website Committee of the Department of Computer Applications with the active cooperation of all faculty, staff and students of the Department. Faculty and staff of other Departments helped by contributing to develop the content. Several other individuals also made significant contributions. Mr. V K Navaneeth, an amateur designer, suggested the color scheme of the site. The Website Committee records its thankfulness to all who helped in successfully transforming a dream to a reality.

Website Committee


Dr. V N Krishnachandran
 Members (Faculty)

Ms. Reji C Joy
Ms. Siji K B
Ms. Aparna S Balan

Members (Students (2010 - 2011))

Ms. Amala P K (S4 MCA)
Ms. Athira P (S4 MCA)
Ms. Uma Narayanan D (S4 MCA)
Mr. Anoop S M (S4 MCA)
Mr. Jinesh P (S4 MCA)