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Google Sites Help and Tutorials

Some typical sites powered by Google Sites  

Here is an unofficial Google Sites Directory  >>

Click on the image to view the book.

(A book with 460 pages as a PDF file of size 14 MB.)

See a link to Google Gadget Editor here.

To know how to input mathematical expressions in Google Sites look here.

Help and tutorials on Google Sites

The following is an unorganised collection of links to web pages containing ideas for developing websites using Google Sites. The Webteam of Vidya Acadmey MCA has borrowed heavily from these sites to include rich content to the various pages of Vidya Acadmey MCA.

Steegle.com provides a lot of ideas and tips. Visit:

The Unofficial Google Sites Help Center:

Static help pages, provided by Google:

The website of Sacramento Chapter of Volvo Club of America has a page giving Google Sites help:

The website L'annuaire des Liens du Vin has a lot of help on Google Sites:

A Google Sites School created by Mori79, an Iranian: