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LaTeX Workshop

Two-day Workshop on Text Processing Using LaTeX
16 -17 September 2010

The Department of Computer Applications, jointly with Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Computer Society of India (CSI), organised a "Two-day Workshop on Text Processing using LaTeX" during 16 – 17 September 2010.

Dr.T. Jishnu, Dean, MET's School of Engineering, Mala, Thrissur
inaugurating the Workshop (more images here)

Activity Plan
Programme Schedule
Brochure Images
Images from Inaugural Function

The Work-shop was formally inaugurated by Dr. T. Jishnu, Dean, MET's School of Engineering, Mala, Thrissur District and former Principal, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur, in a simple inaugural ceremony held in the Seminar Hall of the Department at 9.30 am on 16 September 2010. Dr.S.P. Subramanian, Principal, presided over the function.

Dr.P. Prathapachandran Nair, Dean, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Dr. K.B.M Namboodiripad, Retd. Professor, NIT, Calicut, and Prof.K.V. Leela, Secretary, ISTE (VAST Chapter) offered felicitations. Dr.V.N. Krishnacahandran, Head of Department of Computer Applications, welcomed the dignitaries and participants. Ms. Aparna S. Balan, Coordinator of the Organising Committee, proposed a vote of thanks.                                                       

23 teachers including a few faculty members from outside colleges, participated in the workshop. Dr. V. N. Krishnachandran, Head of Department of Computer Applications, and Mr.A.M. Ayyappadas, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, were the resource persons for the Workshop.

Due to the sad and sudden demise of Er. K.R. Brahmadathan, Executive Director of Vidya academy of Science and Engineering, on 17 september 2010, the activities of the Workshop had to be terminated on the Fore-Noon of 17 September 2010 itself. Consequently, the Organisers could not complete all the planned activities for the Workshop. However, the Orgnisers feel that the Workshop could generate some interest in the LaTeX document preparation system among the faculty members of this and neighbouring Engineering Colleges.



Ms. Aparna S. Balan (Coordinator)
Lecturer in Computer Applications

Ms. Reji C. Joy (Co-coordinator)
Lecturer in Computer Applications

Ms. Siji K. B. (Co-coordinator)
Lecturer in Computer Applications





16 – 17 September 2010


Introduction to TeX and LaTeX

PART I Text processing using LaTeX

Lesson 1 Introducing the input file test.tex.
Lesson 2 IDE’s for text processing using LaTeX
Lesson 3 TeXworks :
i.   Customisation
ii.  Spell checking in TeXworks
iii. SyncTeX-ing in TeXworks
Lesson 4 TeX documentation available with TeXLive
Lesson 5 Creating test.tex, compiling test.tex and viewing test.pdf
Lesson 6 Errors in input file

PART II Special characters in documents

Lesson 1 Blank spaces and blank lines
Lesson 2 Special characters (#, $ and the like)
Lesson 3 Changing font style (italics, bold and the like)
Lesson 4 Changing font size Lesson 5 Changing fonts

PART III Document Organisation

Lesson 1 Title matter (author, title and the like)
Lesson 2 Sectioning commands (chapter, section and the like)
Lesson 3 Table of contents
Lesson 4 documentclass options (paper size, number of columns and the like)
Lesson 5 Page style (heads and foots)
Lesson 6 Page format (margin size, text width and the like)
Lesson 7 Page numbering (1, 2, … or i, ii, … and the like)

PART IV Displayed Text

Lesson 1 Centering and indenting
Lesson 2 Quotes
Lesson 3 Lists : Itemization
Lesson 4 Lists : Enumeration
Lesson 5 Lists : Description
Lesson 6 Theorem-like structures
Lesson 7 Footnotes
Lesson 8 Tables : Simple
Lesson 9 Tables : Multicolumn
Lesson 10 Tables : Multirows

PART V Mathematical Formulas

Lesson 1 Equations and formulas inline
Lesson 2 Displayed equation without equation numbers.
Lesson 3 Displayed equation with equation numbers.
Lesson 4 Exponents, subscripts and the like
Lesson 5 Functions, special symbols and the like
Lesson 6 amsmath package
Lesson 7 Alignment

PART VI Graphics

PART VII Cross-references

PART VIII Bibliography


PART X IEEE format

Lesson 1 Class options
Lesson 2 Title page
Lesson 3 Abstract and index terms
Lesson 4 Sections
Lesson 5 Figures and tables
Lesson 6 Appendices
Lesson 7 Bibliographies


Lesson 1 Bibliography database
Lesson 2 Preparing input file
Lesson 3 Creating bibliography

PART XII Presentation slides using LaTeX



Day 1 : 16 September 2010 (Thursday)

Day 2 : 17 September 2010 (Friday)

09.00 – 09.25


09.15 – 10.45

Session IV

Cross-references, Bibliography, Index

09.30 – 10.30

Inaugural function

10.45 – 11.00

Tea break

10.30 – 10.45

Tea break

11.00 – 12.30

Session V

IEEE format

10.45 – 12.30

Session I

Introduction to TeX and LaTeX, Document Organisation

12.30 – 01.30


12.30 – 01.30


01.30 – 03.30

Session VI

Presentation slides using LaTeX /beamer:

Mr. Ayyappadas A M

(Dept. of Mech. Engg.)

01.30 – 03.00

Session II

Displayed Text, Graphics

03.30 – 03.45

Tea Break

03.00 - 03.15

Tea break

0.3.45 – 04.15

Valedictory function

03.15 – 04.15

Session III

Mathematical Formulas



Images of brochures with originally scheduled dates



Dr.K B M Namboodiripd ligting the traditional lamp
Prof. K V Leela addressing the gathering

A view of the audience

Another view of the audience