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TechFest 2012

Computer Inside Out: Have a hard look; everything is uncovered.

CA Dept in in TechFest 2012
(12 - 13 April 2012)

Staff Committee


Dr V N Krishnachandran, Head of Department of Computer applications


Sri Sajay K R


        Sri Dijesh P
        Smt Reji C Joy
        Sri Manesh D

Student Volunteers


1.    Shreehari V
2.    Sibin Joy
3.    Vidhu C R
4.    Vincy V R
5.    Dhanya
6.    Sudharshan


1.    Tinoj Thomas
2.    Stephin P R
3.    Rejipaul
4.    Ajana C S
5.    Drushya
6.    Sajana K.S
7.    Cerin Benny
8.    Sukanya V S
9.    Naveen G Menon
10.  Fancy Joy


1.    Kesavan E


The Department of Computer Applications organised a hardware exhibition as part of the the technical festival of the College held during 12 - 13 April 2012. The College level event was christened Vega 2012 and the exhibition was named "Computer Inside Out: Have a hard look, everything is uncovered".

Mr Sajay K R and Mr Dijesh P,  Assistant Professors in the Department, were in the forefront in organising the event. A team of student volunteers from the various MCA classes actively participated in organising the exhibition and in explaining the exhibits.

There were several models of motherboards, RAMs of various capacities, different storage devices, different output devices and network components. A surprising item was a working CISCO firewall. Sitting along with these exhibits was an anachronistic item, a portable typewriter, as a reminder of the technology of yore. Several display posters had also been exhibited, posters containing a wealth of information relating to the evolution of the idea of a computer.

About 250 persons, including students and staff of our College and students of other colleges, visited the exhibition.

Congratulations to Mr Dijesh and Mr Sajay and to the team of student volunteers for successfully organising the exhibition.

  • Draft proposal prepared on 30 March 2012:  PDF
  • List of display posters >>