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Faculty Development Programmes

What is Internal Faculty Development Programme?

The programme christened Internal Faculty Development Programme is a scheme whereby every faculty and staff of the Department of Computer Applications benefit from the experiences and knowledge of all others in the Department. Each Programme is a talk of one-hour duration on a topic chosen by the speaker. It could also be hands-on training on popular software packages.These Programmes are held approximately once in a month. The first Programme was held on 14th January 2009. Appropriately, it was a talk on self-improvement by Mr. Dijesh P, Sr. Lecturer,  and he began quoting Abraham Lincoln : "No man is good enough to govern another man without the other man's consent." It was in these Programmes the Department identified problems for the All-Kerala C Coding Contest which is currently running in its second edition. The idea for "Two-day Workshop on Text Processing Using LaTeX" also evolved after Internal Faculty Development Programme sessions on LaTeX were held.

Silver Jubilee Edition (25th Edition) of the Programme

Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Principal, talking during the Silver Jubilee Edition of the Internal Faculty Development Programm. Mr Sajay K R, Asst Professor of Computer Applications, delivering the main talk during the Silver Jubilee Edition of the Internal Faculty Development Programme.
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The Silver Jubilee Edition (25th Edition) of the Internal Faculty Development Programme of the Department was held in the After-noon of 08 October 2012. There was a brief formal session marking the occasion. The session was presided over by Dr V N Krishnachandran, Head of Department. Ms Aparna S Balan welcomed the participants and Ms Reji C Joy proposed vote of thanks. Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Principal, participated in the function as an honoured guest and offered felicitations. Dr Satheesh and Dr Mannil Mohan of the Applied Sciences Department, and Mr G R Rajesh of the ECE Department also offered felicitations. Mr Dijesh P, with whose talk the series of Programmes were inaugurated, also talked on the occasion.

The main event of the session was a talk by Mr Sajay K R of the Department. He talked on "Mobile Network Technology". It was a well-studied presentation and was well appreciated by all present for the thoroughness of the coverage of the intended topics, for the well crafted slides and also for the well-modulated delivery of the talk. The Principal made a special appreciation of the presentation.
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Details of Programmes organised so far

The chart below shows the serial number (ascending upwards), the name of the speaker of the session, the topic of discussion and the date on which the programme was held.


    Dr V N Krishnachandran

    A challenging C programming problem

    20 August 2013


    Manesh D

    In the World of Teams

    26 April 2013


    Aparna S Balan

    Numerical Control

    01 March 2013


    Jyothi P R
    Dr V N Krishnachandran

    Ubuntu upgradation
    with individualised hands on sessions

    For details of the programme, click here.

    03 - 12 Dec 2012


    Sajay K R

    Mobile Communications

    Slides available in slideshare.net also. > Click here.

    08 October 2012


    Dijesh P

    Hardware Performance Tuning

    Slides available in slideshare.net also. > Click here.

    27 July 2012


    Jyothy P R

    Python Programming

    25 June 2012


    Manesh D

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    02 November 2011


    Siji K B

    Image Mosaicing

    30 September 2011


    Dr V N Krishnachandran

    Google's Search Algorithm

    20 August 2011


    Jisha Jose Panackal

    Curl programming language

    19 July 2011


    Salkala K S

    Introduction to Logo programming language

    16 June 2011


    Dijesh P

Supply Chain Management
    19 March 2011


    Reji C Joy
    Software Protection
    25 February 2011


Sajay K R    

    Web Filtering through Squid Proxy Server
    22 January 2011


Dr V N Krishnachandran

Designing a Numeric Editor in C
    13 August 2010


    Aparna S Balan

Wireless Sensor Networks
    17 July 2010


    Dr V N Krishnachandran

Pi to a Trillion Digits
    02 July 2010


Dr V N Krishnachandran

Text Processing Using LaTeX
    26 , 27 April 2010
    and 3 May 2010


    Jyothi P R
Introducing Photoshop
    20 January 2010


Manesh D
On Soft Skill Development
    07 October 2009


    Dr. V N Krishnachandran
    On a Certain C Problem
    07 August 2009


    Siji K B
    On Flash
    30 June 2009


    Salkala K S
    Memory Mastery
    01 April 2009


    Dr V N Krishnachandran
    Perfectly Legal Illegal Resources in the
    Web: Catching Slumdogs Using the Net

    18 March 2009


    Reji C joy
    Basics of Networking
06 March 2009


    Jisha Jose Panackal
    Leadership Quality Enhancement
    18 February 2009


    Smitha Krishnan
    Basics of Compilers
28 January 2009


    Dijesh P
    Self Improvement
    14 January 2009