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Coding Contest

The Department of Computer Applications has been organising C coding contests annually since 2009. The first contest was organised during September - November 2009 and the second one was held during September - December 2010.

The salient features of the contests can be summarised as follows:
  • The contests are open to all bona-fide students studying in engineering colleges/arts and science colleges/university teaching departments in Kerala.
  • The contests carry cash prizes for the winners. Currently the amounts are Rs.5,000/- for the First Prize winner and Rs.2,500/- for the Second Prize winner.
  • The contest is to solve a challenging C programming problem which would be published in this website.
  • All the participants need not come to Vidya Academy to participate in the contest.  They need only solve the problem at their leisure at their home or college and submit the solutions as e-mail attachments.
  • Five of the contestants are invited to Vidya Academy to make an oral chalk-and-duster presentation, without any aids, of their solutions and prizes will be decided based on the quality of the presentations also.
For more details on the problems, list of prize winners, etc., visit the respective pages.