Re-Collections Cd

So, what this CD Project all About? It all started nearly 30 years ago when John & Jane played with Clay & Eric Chapman, twin fiddling brothers, grandsons of Sady Courville and great nephews of Dennis McGee. Jane always had a cassette recorder going during practices and sometimes captured incredible music, replete with Vidrine and Chapman children playing all around and background conversations. After such a long time in the trunk, the tapes cried out to be listened to; four songs are from those long ago sessions. And over the years there have been other memorable sessions, such as the one with Mitch Reed in his attic room in the late 90’s – two tunes come from that day. The remaining tracks are from a studio gathering inspired by an awesome accidental band created for a dance at Augusta music camp featuring Eddie Poullard and David Greely on Fiddles, Steve Riley on drums. And the greatest pleasure for John and Jane as parents is to play music with their children; Emilie on vocals and Joseph Vidrine on bass. This CD is a re-collection – a gathering together. – Jane Vidrine 2011