Emilie Vidrine

Emilie Vidrine has always had a knack for lyrics.  She doesn’t really remember learning most of the Cajun songs she sings since they were part of her Cajun girl soundscape.  She began singing with her parents when she was young and started playing guitar and writing contemporary songs in English when she was a teenager. Of her songs, Emilie wrote, "With my music I'm not trying to change someone's opinions or write lines that people will quote forever in mushy love scenes or political speeches. I'm writing music to make people laugh, dance, drink and feel like they can connect with the music because it is real."  Now, as an ex-pat in Paris, her Cajun repertoire and background has helped her to establish her own band, Emilie Vidrine et Tee Franglais. She also plays with Bobby Michot, and lends a helping hand to Sarah Savoy et les Francadiens. In 2012 Emilie released her first album a solo project Amour De ma Jeunesse recorded in France with David Rolland.

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