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Put You In The News

        Video News Releases present your product or service to the public within the context of a news report. You create the news-report-video, which prominently features your product or service without actually advertising it, and then ship it out as part of a press kit, to as many or as few television stations as you choose. It is then up to each station to decide whether or not to air the piece. This can be one of the more expensive uses of video, but when your VNR is well produced and presented, it can also be one of the most profitable.

        Video B-Roll Library is sort of a "junior video news release."  It can be equally beneficial if your company performs a service or produces products related to things frequently reported in the news - for instance, a weather related product or medical service. The video footage in this case is provided as b-roll only - not edited into a story and without narration or music - to be used by the different news agencies within the bodies of stories they do.