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        Record your next company seminar on video and give it - or sell it - to interested parties long afterwards.

        Create video tours of the homes you’re selling, use them as marketing and sales tools - and then give them as gifts to your buyers.

        Have your company’s main activities taped throughout the year and made into a video yearbook that you can use in any number of ways: to entertain and inspire at annual meetings, to boost employee morale, to recognize strong performers, to recruit new workers, and to retain long-lasting documentation of your most important events. This is a wonderful use of video and our clients are always surprised to hear how affordable it is.

        Video yearbooks can be particularly useful to nonprofits, for showing at annual meetings and fundraising events, to new employees, board members, and volunteers, and as part of donor presentations. Yearbooks give employees and volunteers recognition for jobs well done, a sense of pride in their accomplishments - and a desire to continue their efforts. Potential funders see the hard work done by the agency and the value of becoming contributors themselves. And the nonprofit has a lasting record of its progress through the years.