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       Life seems to get more and more hectic every year, and our mailboxes and email boxes grow fuller every day. The result: a lot of marketing materials get tossed without being looked at. That’s why savvy marketers are marketing with video: they know a video is a lot more likely to garner attention than a print piece. If you craft your message well and present it briefly and clearly to a targeted audience, it will be heard. In fact, according to several studies done in the late 90s, a large percentage of direct marketing recipients go even further, passing their copy to another viewer as well.

     One of the best things to market on video: you! Your video brochure will introduce you and your product or service to as many potential customers as you choose. Besides showing and explaining exactly what you want them to know, it gives them a face to connect to your business. People are happy to watch a short, well made video. Most people find it easier, quicker, and more enjoyable than reading through a print presentation, and your video will make them feel they know you before you ever get together in person.