Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi's

Physics Corner

On this site you can find all kind of articles about mostly modern physics and mathematics. The articles are normally in PDF format.


The future of Quantum Cosmology.pdf 226k 
Tables Of Math Phisics And Chemistry Engineering Handbook.pdf 5M 
Superstirng Theory.pdf 1M 
Physics Formulary.pdf 758k 
Math Formularium.pdf 1M 
Great physicists From Galileo to Hawking.pdf 7M 
Quantum Mechanics-Concepts and Applications.pdf 1M 
Principles of quantum mechanics.pdf 1M 
Physics Solutions to problems in Quantum Mechanics.pdf 4M 
Building Blocks of Matter.part1.rar Part 1 8M 
Building Blocks of Matter.part2.rar Part 2 4M  
Handbook of Integral Equations.pdf 6M 
Handbook Of Lasers.pdf 8M 
Nano and Micro electromechanical Systems Fundamentals.pdf 10M

Special note: for practical reasons I advice you to right click on the links and safe the files on a certain directory in place of letting your browser load them.