The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review

The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review

Hopefully a The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review few free useful plugins can help a lot of people who intend to deploy a guest author on his personal blog in the days of "the busiest in the life" of his.

And let's not forget that awaited version 3 Thach Pham Blog it this weekend. : Sexy:


Once you have the table, it does not show that you have to insert it with shortcode, but fortunately this plugin support for your table insert button to work more convenient. You need to insert the table entries and click Insert Table of TablePress.


Then you need to select the table and press the Insert button inserts shortcode.

WordPress Plugin table insert into posts

Then when viewing the article, you have a very professional board in all then.
border: 1px solid # E6DB55;
line-height: 1.4em;
-moz-border-radius: 5px;
padding: 0.9em;
-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
And now I have a widget that contains the style like this

CSS added for each widget

Tiny colorful yet not bad right. : Bye:

Similarly you can add another widget style for the rest.

Create a special page to display the latest posts on all the blogs in the network of ban.Bai WordPressMU this was old and missing a few pictures. I'll update in early 2014, temporarily you see this message: Custom Post Type Guide basics.
Custom post header typeTai his star is set "for amateurs"? Simply for Custom Post Type concept, usually we will need some knowledge about certain PHP as using variables, arrays, or go into a little WordPress filter. But myself not a very good PHP so in this article I will guide you how to use WordPress Custom Post Type in just the plugin without knowledge of programming.

First of all let alone explain Custom Post Type is nothing dry monkeys.

Custom Post Type is a separate concept for WordPress only an article format other than the default format is 2 Post and Page. What, you have not heard a little banana, let alone explain more was heard.

As you also know, the default in WordPress supports two formats for writing content to that the Post and Page. 2 means that in this format you can write the content on it and visitors can read and comment on it, generally Post Type that.

Post and Page is like?

If you are still not clear and the Post and Page is how they see the video itself WordPress his school, remembered watching videos about Post and Page offline.
When to use Custom Post Type

Hmm, when it? Often in WordPress, we use Post as a post type to write articles, blogs, news. Page is also used as a post type to post static pages such as descriptions, contact ....

But if you need to add a different type post just to post about a particular content other stars, such as recipes such? I know that you say can be used Post to post the recipes, without a little "pờ prop lèm" yet. Okay, now I will tell you the benefits when using Custom Post Type that we take the specific example is a post type to write recipes.

Benefits of Using Custom Post Type

First of all, for me, the Custom Post Type functionality of WordPress is the most direct in her promotion. If you know how to use appropriate, do a bit more work, so much so that its use does not know what to do anymore. : Angry:

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