Best 3D Scanners Reviews 2016

Best 3D Scanners Reviews 2016

EDIT: THIS JUST IN! My heated bed failed due to various reasons. XYZ took my information and rushed me a replacement bed within a few days of my request for assistance. Fantastic. click here:    Best 3D Scanners Reviews – Ratings 2016

I think a lot of the negative reviews of this and other 3D printers stems from a lack of understanding of the technical aspects of the process.

We are not at the point where you can push a button and a fully-realized 3D object beams in before your eyes. Once you peel back the marketing hype and realize 90% of the objects seen in demo pictures are fake... it all comes together.

I have been 3D printing with SLI and FMD type machines since the 1990s, so I know what these machines can and can't do. I am also well versed in CAD/CAM and know my way around machinery of all sorts. A process this technical is not going to work right out of the box -- you are going to have to level the plate, recalibrate everything and possibly put loose connections back in place. I did all of that with this unit and I don't see a reason to ding a star for it.

Material-wise, you are paying good money for a spool of material in a simple-to-load cartridge system. It sucks that it is chipped and can't be refilled but the tradeoff is the material is very consistent and that makes it easy to troubleshoot print-issues.

I had a bit of trouble initially with the recommended glue-stick method of sticking prints to the bed and switched to Kapton tape. Again no reason to ding them for something that is easy to troubleshoot using google and experience.

Print quality is about what I expected for the price -- this is not a Makerbot or an SLI machine -- it does fairly coarse prints. I knew what I was getting when I put the money down for it however. If you are expecting micron-resolution prints of famous European landmarks, pass this unit by. However if you are making plastic gears, prototype brackets and stuff like that... it's perfect. I made two fairly large sprockets and was able to use them in an invention of mine with some minor cleanup and detailing. Speedwise, don't expect instant gratification from this or any other printer out there. I was pleased with how fast it put the sprockets together for me, took about six hours which was less than I had expected.

The only significant gripe I have is the scanning software. It kind of sucks! The hardware is capable, but the included software was clearly written by an infinite number of Chinese Coders in front of Commodore 64s. An equally infinite number of monkeys could have written a better suite of software and we all KNOW monkeys can't write software -- remember Windows ME? *shiver*

Anyway once I located a third-party solution for the scanning software I was up and running. Still takes quite a bit of knowhow to turn a scan into a model but it works great. Scans quickly and if you allow for the geometry limitations of this type of scan-system it produces good results.

I'm giving it five of five stars. I went into this expecting very little from the machine, so I was surprised when it proved to be as capable as it is. It is no Makerbot or Star Trek level replicator, but it is a welcome addition to my home workshop for the price.

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