San Francisco's Oldest and Highest Rated* Video Store!

VIDEO WAVE is closed on Wednesday August 3rd and Thursday August 4th.
We SINCERELY apologize for this hopefully temporary closure. This is an extremely difficult time, and a hard decision faces our store: Being open every day of the week and trying to gather information and make plans is simply too draining for this one person to accomplish. We have to determine if we are being offered the entire space that we now share, and whether or not we can make it work financially. More than that, we have to look at taking on more work, such as a candy business, in addition to what we already do, without any additional help.
Today, discouraged. Perhaps tomorrow will tell another story.

We will be open on Friday August 5th, at least for the weekend.

September 6th 2015:

The SF Chronicle just published a piece on our store, and the move to the new location! Carl Nolte, a reporter with the newspaper, interviewed Colin on Wednesday and the piece was published on Sunday. It is a nice write up. Here is the link:

September 1st, 2015

Hello friends of Video Wave.

We are open again, and are now on 24th Street in the heart of Noe Valley!

Our new address is 4027 24th Street, 2 blocks from our old location.

We are sharing space with Buttons Candy Bar, which has a great selection of treats to go with the movies!

Thanks for all your support, past present and future!

Colin and Gwen

Video Wave of Noe Valley (since 1983)
4027 24th Street, Noe Valley, SF

Regular hours:
Sunday: 12 - 9pm
Monday: 12 - 9pm
Tuesday: 12 - 9pm
Wednesday (half day): 4 - 9pm
Thursday (half day): 4 - 9pm
Friday: 12 - 10pm
Saturday: 12 - 10pm

Rentals are due at 7pm on their due date!

Call our Reservation line to reserve your title for the day you want! 415-550-7577

Save money on late fees and buy a previously viewed VHS, DVD or BLU!

We have reduced the prices on all of our movies for sale!
 More than 500 DVD's priced between $8 (our newest items for sale) and $4 (for clearance in bulk)*
More than 150 Blu-Ray's: prices between $5 and $10* (most are combos with dvd's)

We also offer volume discounts on all but the newest: buy 2, save more, buy 3 or more, save even more!

*(sales tax will be added to all sales)

Let our experts guide you to a new series or movie to watch!  We specialize in:
selections for the whole family, animation for all ages, foreign films, Criterion Collection, documentaries and the hard to find!

Skip the cable company, the streaming services and the red boxes or envelopes: we've got it all in one spot, and can save you the pointless hours "browsing" online or finding out if your service even carries what you are looking for

Come on in for OUR selections of some of the best of the year, unjustly overlooked by voters at award shows.

Our selection, prices and recommendations just cannot be beat!

San Francisco's Oldest and Highest Rated* Video Store!

4027 24th Street
Noe Valley
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 550-7577
Open 7 days a week
Sunday: 12pm - 9pm
Monday: 12pm - 9pm
Tuesday: 12pm - 9pm
Wednesday: 4pm - 9pm
Thursday: 4pm - 9pm
Friday: 12pm - 10pm
Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
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