A Video Storytelling Workshop 
Designed to teach you the basic principles of video storytelling 

In this workshop you will:
  1.     explore and practice working with a camera.
  2.     learn the various different styles and techniques of camera work and shot composition.
  3.     learn and practice the production process.    
  4.     produce your own video story sequence.

Whenever you see a movie camera like this:
Make sure to click on the link next to movie camera for visual learning.

Tutorial 1:  All About Production:  Learn the basic structure of the production process and the roles different people play in that process.

Tutorial 2: Camera Work: Learn all about shot composition and framing. 

Tutorial 3: The Sequence: Learn all about the Power of Three and sequencing.

Tutorial 5: Editing Techniques

After you finish each tutorial, you may click on the Home Icon at the bottom of each tutorial to take you back to the Home (this) page. 

When you see the talk bubble icon and a question, click on the question and add your thoughts! 

Why do you think it is important to learn expert visual storytelling techniques?