Combining Q&A interview or script read in a teleprompter an interview video is great on landing pages, in sales meetings, at benefits to reach donors and on social media to market company promises, products and services.

Interviews include professional Q&A interviews or scripts in teleprompters with executives, staff, clients, members, product users and/or anyone who can tell your company or organization's story by answering a series of questions that solicit responses that hit key messages.  Using multiple camera angles with 50mm lenses for cinematic style and studio lighting interviews are flawlessly edited, cutting out pauses and mistakes switching camera angles like a “talk show”. Then the best and most relevant sound bytes from edited multiple interviews are combined into a shorter more concise video or videos.



And finally the magic is added as Broll footage is added to bring to life your company, organization or product’s mission, credibility and overall story. “B-roll” is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you’re telling and to have great
er flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring only talking heads on video, you want to have other images you can cut away to that will add dimension to your story like a documentary. B-roll can be additional video footage of the person being interviewed at work or going through daily life, still photos, animations or other graphic elements that relate to the interview content.

1. Why is your company, organization or product at the top in the industry, what are some most regarded credentials?  2. How do you stay current in the industry and keep up with the latest trends and practices?  3. What is your organization or company’s mission and how do you contribute to the mission? 4. How are you different than your competitors or other organizations and what unique value do you offer? 5. What are some member, client or customer success stories and what do they say about you? 6. What is the first step for new members or clients, who should they contact and what is the process? 7. Any last comments about your company, organization or the