malancholia I


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mini dv, colour, 6.36 min., © 2006-2008 
[video]Flâneu®:    konstantinos-antonios goutos

presentations-installations-film/media/art festivals 

-international festival of digital cinema izolenta saιnt petersburg russia october 15-16, 2010

-experimental video evenings at mac berlijn enschede the netherlands june 2010

-annual exhibition of the academy of visual arts february 18-21, 2010 leipzig germany

-temps d` images film award for film in art, november 13-15, 2009 lisbon portugal (in competition)

-[aura] laden atari leipzig germany august 6-9, 2008 (part of a video installation)


a paraphrase of the title of the famous engraving albrecht dürer`s "melencoliæ I", which is also a paraphrase of the old greek word "μελαγχολία" (=melancholy)...

an interpretation of the artist`s melancholic situation - the melancholy of being an artist...


the scene was shot in a passage of the city of prague -very close to one of w. a. mozart`s prague residencies- and (like dürer`s work) it can be interpreted as an allegorical composition, 

a "spiritual self portrait"...    


the shot is taken (like always without purpose or plan) on february 20, 2006 with a normal digital video apparatus


without tripod

without camera moves

without zooming

without special lighting

without extra microphone

without effects


the sound and the length of the shooting are the original

there is no cuts between the scene