krakow-er rennaisance


"[krakow] light as the renaissance and heavy as lead"

adam zagajewski




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[video]Flâneu®: konstantinos-antonios goutos     

mini dv, colour, sound, 17.47 min., © 2008-2009


presentations-installations-film/media/art festivals                                      

-archfilmfest international architecture and urban films festival istanbul turkey october 4-10, 2010



3 (un)usual moments of the city of krakow


3 meditations between past and feature, people and architecture, work and play

in 3 chapters:


a. playing (with) the past: a boy plays with a ball against the wall of the old synagogue while is hearing comments of some german tourists [stara synagoga]


b. working (with) the present: workers repairs a street between the old city and the old jewish city with the help of a huge, like a dinosaur, machine, while a guy transports bottles of water to a store and people passes through [ul. starowiślna]


c. enjoying (with) the future: a child plays and runs on the front of the museum of japanese art [manggha muzeum]




3 accidental documentary takes 

taken on october 2008 with a normal digital video apparatus




without camera moves / without zooming /without tripod

without special lighting / without extra microphone / without effects


the sound and the length of the shooting are the original

there are no cuts between the same scene