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les mystères de paris I

on vimeo

or on onlinefilm.org


["A child’s shoe lies on the edge of a railway platform.
An uncut video with no additional technical tricks preserves
the drama of its forlornness in real time and gives it a title that
is 170 years old."]


[a meditative experiance of the[video]Flâneu® and his camera facing in silence one of the “original copies” of the famous sculptural masterpiece auguste rodin’s “le penseur” (=the thinker) at the alte nationalgalerie berlin]

[video]Flâneu®`s passages

the english version on the strictly curated

online platform doc alliance!

40.33 min.

[Seven years of journeys, a selection of 150 hours of video material

with scenes from  

Berlin, Leipzig, Brussells, Thessaloniki, Prague, Athens, Kassel, Naoussa, Erfurt, Krakow...

An audiovisual dialogue between these pictures, these cities and
thoughts of philosophers and authors like 

Benjamin, Kracauer,  Barthes, Baudelaire, Borges, Camus, Foucault, Goethe,  Hallberg, Kafka, Kierkegaard, Lorca, Meyring, Musil, Rilke...

...thoughts that the [video]Flâneu® used to read during these journeys.]

the[video]Flâneu® shoots himself « suite à des problèmes de type grec »...

on onlinefilm.org

16.03 min.

[a [mediter]irrational and allegorical self portrait (or performance..?:)
dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard...]

the[video]Flâneu® shoots auschwitz

on shoah film collection 

or on onlinefilm.org

29.48 min.

["The driveway to the Auschwitz Museum. December, the year 2008 – gray, leafless, wet. We’re coming closer. We’re inside, though behind glass. Zoom. Maximum close-up. Does filming draw us nearer or does it pull us farther? Does it create distance? Indifference? Understanding? A detail carved in a plank. Grass in Auschwitz. The sun comes out. We’re inside, in the barracks. The voices of the guides talking in English. Sometimes they confuse the dates. The cameras are out. We’re finishing the projection."]

krakow-er rennaisance

on onlinefilm.org


[3 (un)usual moments of the city of krakow, 3 meditations between past and feature, people and architecture, work and play in 3 chapters]


on arte creative

9.29 min.

[a (non) spectacular documentary take, taken with a normal digital video apparatus,  investigates the human reactions on glamour, star system and fame...] 

a dresden experiment

19.20 min.

[a strange video/strolling in dresden, between the space/light poet and architect ruairi o` brien and the[video]Flâneu® konstantinos-antonios goutos made for the inter/poetry festival bardinale.com]



a single version of the installation on onlinefilm.org


[7 "ko.incidenticaly" shots, 7 aural moments of the city of prague]

the[video]Flâneu® shoots kafka' s gravestone

on onlinefilm.org


[the first and extraordinary visit 

of the [video]Flâneu® and his camera

to franz kafka`s gravestone]


prague in spring (ouverture)

on onlinefilm.org


[3 "ko.incidental", 3 existential shots of the city of prague, taken from februar to may 2006  with a digital video apparatus



the [video]Flâneu® shoots himself in kassel because of documenta 12

on online film.org


[3 selfportraits of the [video]Flâneu®

3 (un)usual meetings with himself

3 shots in the city of kassel, germany

taken (like always without purpose or plan) on september 21, 2007

after an intensive and sleepless journey 

from larissa to thessaloniki (greece) and then to frankfurt (germany)

before kassel and the documenta12 exhibition]

malancholia I

on onlinefilm.org


[a paraphrase of the title of the famous engraving albrecht dürer`s "melencoliæ I", which is also a paraphrase of the old greek word "μελαγχολία" (=melancholy)...

an interpretation of the artist`s melancholic situation - the melancholy of being an artist...]



on doc alliance 

or on online film.org

8.19 min.

["An unsophisticated walk through the city of Athens just a few days before the parliamentary elections of 2007. A girl lying on the ground during the election campaign of the communist party - the struggle for power next to individualist escapist reverie."]








on doc alliance 

7.27 min.

[...a ko.incidental meeting with a fountain in the city of aarau (switzerland)

(shot, taken-like always-without purpose or plan),

wakes up memories of the [video]Flâneu®’s own childhood (back in ’80s greece),

asks questions about the naturality of the digital picture,

meets Tarkovsky’s film nostalghia...]





after caspar david friedrich

on doc alliance 

or on online film.org

8.14 min.

[people (like in works of the romantic painter caspar david friedrich (1774-1840))

observes in silence

the demolition of a building in the centre of the city of leipzig...]


life circle live circus life

on the website of the belgian television channel rtc  

5.29 min.

["The five-minute shot was taken near the meat market in Thessaloniki, Greece. The everyday reality, easy to be mistaken for a surrealistic form, was immortalized only by chance. It is one of many allegories of the life circle vanishing in the deafening sound of the street - the minimalist shot shows one of the situations that are an integral part of every day but we take notice of them only rarely. Life Circle Live Circus Life was awarded the jury´s special award at the Greek documentary films festival."]


on this link you can find more works to watch online!

konstantinos-antonios goutos / the[video]Flâneu®

am ortenbergsteg 1 / 35039 marburg, germany

/ +4915205133257 / videoflaneur@gmail.com


PROJECT [video]Flâneu®

[a 10 minutes vimeo
on my PROJECT [video]Flâneu®]

[video]Flâneu®`s gEnova

[a 5 minutes [video]example
of how am i working (=walking:) through/with a specific city
(in that case the city of genoa, italy)]