berliner fuge


presentations-installations-film/media/art festivals

-group exhibition AbundZu, university bookstore leipzig germany november 2006

-6. thessaloniki international documentary film festival, march 2004 thessaloniki greece (film market)

-politik, pathos und philosophie der geste, interational symposium institute for theater studies leipzig germany

-great saxon art exhibition-the new century 05, summer 2005 leipzig germany

-mindthemap!, schaubuehne lindenfels, autumn 200 leipzig, germany


-rundgang (annual exhibition) academy of visual arts february 2004 leipzig germany







84 brief escapes,

84 shots of the city of berlin

taken from january to july 2003

with a digital video apparatus


without camera moves

without zooming

without special lighting 

with original sound

with no chronological sequence

without permission...




Katja Reinert



mini dv, colour, sound,

    96 min. © 2003