Videoconference Accounts

WNMU's Polycom RealPresence platform offers videoconferencing capability on your desktop, tablet, and/or mobile device. Users have the independence to contact one another along with attend events where a traditional videoconference room is being used.
  • Desktop videoconferencing is great for meetings, briefings, training events, team collaboration and more.
  • Set up individual conferences with online students to advise, tutor, or assess.
  • Share your desktop, present, or collaborate
  • Dial into department virtual rooms using the department's main phone number listed in the directory.
  • Easy to set up. Easy to use.
Any users interested in using this service need a video conference account. Click on the links below to learn more:

WNMU students, employees, and colleagues using desktop/mobile video conferencing from home need to be aware that the minimum bandwidth needed is the call rate plus 20%. The most common call rates are 384 kbps and 512 kbps. At the default call speed of 512 kbps, the recommended bandwidth required is 768 kbps minimum for both upstream and downstream. To test your speeds, you can access "speed test" or "bandwidth place" on the internet.  Be especially careful to monitor upstream speeds.