15th June 2012 - Project 2012 gets a title
Today we can reveal the title of the new movie currently in pre-production. It's called "While the Iron is Hot".
Being written by Brian Davies and Lyn Cuffin, directed by Brian, shooting will commence later this year.
Details of plot and cast to follow soon.

26th May 2012 - The Return of Paul Roberts
Videas' original leading man has agreed to return to the fold and appear in the next movie. Paul Roberts will be among the cast
of  'Project 2012' ( that's just the working title ). " I am so happy that Paul has agreed to return to the screen for the next movie "
says Brian, " because the film will premiere early 2013, which will be VideasFilms' 30th anniversary, so it's very fitting that the original
leading man comes back in to mark the occasion ". Paul has appeared in 'Cursed Woods' (1983), 'The Exhumation' (1986),
'Shock Ending' (1987) and 'Last Day at the Beach (1990). He also makes a cameo appearance in 'The Vacancy' (1985). Paul
also starred in VideasFilms' attempts at comedy - ie, the trilogy of  Doctors Kelly and Killkelly (go to History page for info).

17th May 2012 - New project promised for later this year.
Brian Davies has promised a new film for this year. He is currently working on a script for an as yet un-named project which
will once again be a co-production with Ucheldre Repertory Company. Brian would only say that the new movie will be a
"supernatural thriller" and is being co-written by Lyn Cuffin (who played Laura in 'Method'). "This is going to be exciting"
said Brian, "and bearing in mind that the Ucheldre Centre has had new cinema style tiered seating installed and that a new
digital cinema system will be in place shortly, I can hardly wait for the premiere".
More news as it becomes available!  

10th November 2011 - 'Method' premiered last night.
New movie 'Method' premiered last night to an audience of 60 at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead, the film was very well received
and the screening was followed by a Q&A session with the producer and most members of the cast. And boy, were there lots of
questions. Everyone involved in the movie was delighted with the turn out and would like to extend their thanks to all who supported
the event. Below is a still taken during the Q&A session (Thanks to Mike Gorman).

11th September 2011 - Stills and Trailer now online.
Please go to the 'Method' page to see stills from the movie and view the trailer.

3rd June 2011 - Cast involved in shooting last night. Stills from movie coming soon.
Pictured below are the team involved in filming on 2nd June 2011, at Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead.
From left to right: Steve Bennett, Brian Davies and Peter Preston (who yesterday evening served as cameraman),
as he does when Brian is in front of camera. This is a relaxed shot taken at the end of the evening.
In the next few weeks we will be uploading stills from the actual film, which will give you a better idea of the look and mood of the movie.

20th May 2011 - Cast from shooting yesterday evening.
Here's another picture, this time of the cast involved with shooting on 19th May 2011, once again at Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead.
Everyone was asked to stay in character for the picture, therefore no smiley faces. Joining characters in the picture below
is Karen Ankers as 'The Book Lady', who is placed far right on the bottom row.

27th April 2011 - First picture of "Method" cast.
As promised, here is the very first picture from the making of the new movie. Shooting is going well and this picture was taken at the end of the
first night's filming at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead, on Tuesday 19th April.
Back Row: Barney Morgan-Jones (Warren Jennings}, Mike Gould (Mark Gold), Peter Preston (Ashley Court) and Brian Davies (Russell Sherman).
Middle: Steve Bennett (Sparky Wilson) Front Row: Caroline Tattersall (Fiona Maloney) and Lyn Jones (Laura Fielding).

25th March 2011 - After long delay, shooting begins on "Method".
Filming finally continues on "Method" next week, after long delays due to many of the cast's commitments to theatre productions
("Method" is being shot as a co-production with Ucheldre Repertory Company). There have also been additions to the cast,
new faces being Liz Elliot, Lyn Jones and Mike Gould. The cast will be shooting in Holyhead over the next few months, though two key
scenes have already been shot in London and Liverpool. Pictures from the Holyhead shooting will be uploaded to this newspage in due course.