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The Vacancy (1985)



Amy and Audrey King are desperate to find jobs, so they apply for work at their local supermarket. They are fortunate enough to end up on a shortlist of five and receive invitations to attend an interview 10:30pm at night. They arrive at the store to meet two of the other interviewees and the manager, Anthony Parker, who locks the door on the late arrival and takes the four to the staffroom, inviting them down individually for their interviews. Then murder and mayhem begins as the applicants are stalked through the darkened supermarket warehouse by a masked murderer.
Starring Peter Preston, Helen Williams, Chris Williams,
Hefina Hughes, Rhiannon Hughes, Elsa Hammond,
Debbie Perry, Paul Roberts.
Music by Paul Roberts.
Written, Produced and Directed by Brian Davies.
Running Time: 30 minutes (approx).
Shot on analogue VHS, this movie was filmed in only two weeks, shot almost entirely at the 'Liptons' supermarket in Holyhead (which is now a branch of Co-operative).
The film has now been digitally remasterd from the original raw footage and has a brand new music soundtrack which has been specially composed by Colin Hives
(Shivilenco Pictures) to mark it's 25th anniversary.
One of the DVD extras on this special edition is footage from the abandoned sequel "The Vacancy II", never before seen.
"I pulled the plug on the sequel because it simply wasn't working" says producer Brian.
You will be able to view "The Vacancy"
on this page very soon.