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Shock Ending (1987)





Three couples meet once a month at each others' homes for an evening of vintage horror videos. On the day of the latest gathering, Colin and his wife Barbara have a massive row which ends in violence, when Colin attempts to strangle his wife. Has his life now become just like one of the movies he so loves? One thing is certain...tonight, The All Night Horror Club is in for a shock ending!
Starring Paul Roberts, Gwenno Hodgkins, Chris Williams,
Debbie Perry, Gerwyn Capon, Katie Leeming,
Peter Preston, David Jenkins
and Phil Williams as himself.
Music by Paul Roberts.
Written Produced and Directed by Brian Davies.
Running Time: 27 minutes (approx).
One of the highlights of this film is a scene from one of the movies the characters are watching, called 'Low Budget'.
This was filmed specially to look like an old 1940's horror and features Peter Preston as a melodramatic villain.
Shot on analogue Video8, this film has now been digitally enhanced for DVD.
View "Shock Ending".
The entire film (in 3 reels) can be viewed below, including a short 'blooper' reel of behind the scenes material.