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Method (2011)


Russell Sherman and his touring company of actors come to Holyhead to put on a show, but someone in the company has a dark secret and their past is about to catch up with them, putting the entire company in mortal danger.
'Method' is a thriller with dark comic overtones.
Cast: Peter Preston, Brian Davies, Caroline Tattersall,
Barney Morgan-Jones, Liz Elliot, Stevon Peters,
Steve Bennett, Lyn Jones, Karen Ankers,
Hefin Davies, Colin Hives and Mike Gould.
Written by Brian Davies.
Additional material by Peter Preston,
Salie Sequin and Allan Williams.
Produced and directed by Brian Davies.
Music and incidental score by Kevin Macleod,
Colin Hives and Rundfunk (Tim Butler).
©VideasFilms 2011
All Rights Reserved.
Running Time: 50 mins.

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