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Last Day At The Beach (1990)




The employees of The Beach Hotel plan to strike when they learn that their jobs may be in danger, as the hotel is for sale. The manager and his secretary try to smooth things over with the staff and keep the business running normally, when the arrival of an executive from 'Leisure Co' arrives to give the hotel a once-over, as his company is considering buying. Throw an escaped lunatic with a grudge against the business into the mix and that's the basic outline of the plot.
One by one the employees are dispatched by the psycho, or could the killer be someone else? Last Day At The Beach begins like an 80's soap opera and ends in a total bloodbath, featuring the grisliest death scenes of any VideasFilm.
Starring Peter Preston, Lorraine Tyrer, Paul Roberts,
Helen Williams, Chris Williams, Brian Davies,
Hefina Hughes, Anwen Murtagh
and Ken Tyrer as Lenny McCoy.
Music by Colin Hives.
Written, Produced and Directed by Brian Davies.
Running Time: 40 minutes (approx).
Shot almost entirely at a real life hotel on the island of Anglesey, Last Day At The Beach was VideasFilms' most ambitious project ever at the time. Featuring a much larger cast than usual and the excellent location, the movie has a lavish look that belies it's tiny budget. The project went under many different names during production, including 'The Atonement', 'Doom Service' and 'Dead And Breakfast'. Lorraine Tyrer, who plays Carol in the film, still cringes when she watches the final chase scenes in which she has to roll down a huge sand dune - she learned a few weeks later that she was three months pregnant!
View "Last Day At The Beach".
The entire film (in 4 reels) can be viewed below, including two short 'blooper' reels of behind the scenes material.