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Lady In Danger (1992)



Gwen Mallory is an abused wife who is having a secret affair with office manager, Nick Bevan. Nick decides it is time to free Gwen from her painful existence with her husband Vinny, so with the help of his co-worker, Martin (who has a shady past), he hires a hit-man to kill Vinny. By doing this, Nick has set off a chain of events that will totally shatter his world and put he and his lover in mortal danger.
Starring Peter Preston, Lorraine Tyrer, Brian Davies,
Chris Williams, Bob Phillips
and Ken Tyrer as Vinny.
Music by Colin Hives.
Co-Executive Producer Bob Phillips.
Written, Produced and Directed by Brian Davies.
Running Time: 35 minutes (approx).
This was VideasFilms' first foray into the straight thriller genre, after producer Brian Davies decided it was time to break away from horror and write a good old fashioned crime story. The script he finally came up with was gritty and controversial and the casting of husband and wife Ken and Lorraine Tyrer as Vinny and Gwen allowed the inclusion of some very 'intimate' scenes.
Shot on analogue video, this movie has been digitally remastered from the original raw footage.
View "Lady In Danger".
The entire film (in 3 reels) can be viewed below, including a short 'blooper' reel of behind the scenes material.