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Cursed Woods (1983)



A group of camping enthusiasts embark on a weekend of fun in a local woodland, only to stumble across an abandoned car carefully hidden under foliage. Shortly after an unknown assailant begins to murder the group one by one.
Starring Paul Roberts, Helen Williams, Brian Davies,
Keith Jones, Mervyn Eccleston, David Lain.
Music by Paul Roberts.
Written, Produced and Directed by Brian Davies.
Running Time: 20 minutes (approx).
Produced with domestic analogue video equipment which pre-dated camcorders, this was an experimental video, very crudely 'crash-edited' on a basic VHS video recorder. It has since been digitally enhanced and now includes new opening and end title sequences. It was the first ever VideasFilm, originally made under the banner of Classic Vision Productions.
View "Cursed Woods".
The entire film (in 2 reels)
can be viewed below.