2. To be President or not to be? Site created 11/30/2015, 8:26pm in Nashville.

Magnifique symbol of the movie,
This is Marilyn by Andy Warhol. 
Blake Lively is another Marilyn
playing she is not Monroe 2.
As a new Warhol, I will film it.

We are September 2, 2016



I am Mike Fuller and I am proud to welcome you to my political site.
I replace Frederic Vidal and you won't regret it. Read my press communique:

My communique on Free Press Release:

My communique on the blogs:

Welcome to Mike Fuller's Universe! Read this homepage creation text:

To be President or not to be? In less than 4 hours, it will be December 1st, exactly 2 months before the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

Frederic Vidal is Fred Kelly for entertainment industry and Mike Fuller for Presidential election. His fourth name is Thomas Spears, the name of the GERMAN SPY, motion picture in pre-production.

Frederic Vidal is the MAN FROM 25, still young when born Sep 10, 1959. He's producing 15/16, political agenda short film. This semi-reality show to be shot in Des Moines, Iowa, this month (caucuses: Feb 1, 2016) if possible.

Stay tuned with FV:
Vidal Fuller 2016.
About the 16 propositions of Mike Fuller for his Presidency: new Wordpress article with all links to Google Site https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016
Frederic Vidal decides a 5th group of propositions about SPQR, the ancient Roma principle of government by the Senate with the People. MF
26th proposition on sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016 is 6th main prop: Culture Department of America. Vidal = Obama is motto of it + axiom 14 = 16.


When Silly, Nice and Porn Star
https://vid.me/GWZN  meets President of the States https://vid.me/2YrM  It's Wall St in DC https://vid.me/pXEp

15/16: Mike Fuller interviewed!! When SNaPS https://vid.me/GWZN meets PotS https://vid.me/2YrM It's WSiDC https://vid.me/pXEp TS

15/16: Evocation, Preparation, Production and Diffusion of a press interview of a man by a woman about his 16 + 10 propositions for the GOP.

From Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Frederic Vidal's 15/16: Evocation, Preparation, Production and Diffusion of a press interview.

New Google Blog address for 15/16 script writing
http://vidalfuller2016.blogspot.com  Fuller interview. Sweet porn https://vid.me/BnsJ  by BRAMSTOCKER.

Machine to win is operational:


To be President of the States
https://vid.me/2YrM  is ambition, final goal of Mike Fuller interviewed in 15/16 but he's not in the press.

LIVE ON TWITTER and published on new blogspot

15/16, THE STORY. Mike is President in another https://vid.me/2YrM

dimension looking like ours but upgraded with stronger USA. They call us USB, disabled

America. Fuller wants to help but difficult. SciFi.

This is the SciFi part of the movie. The interviewer is Close Coopers in the USA, his secretary at the White House. In our dimension, she's

just a reporter of the LA Times in the fiction and in the reality show, level of reality, the actress herselve. In the fiction, Mike has

also another identity, actor Fred Kelly, SAG-AFTRA. You can follow the film as a reality show-behind the scenes and so Fuller is just me.

Mike Fuller is in dimension B as Fred Kelly: BUT THIS IS A FICTION. We're not sure there are 2 dimensions!! He's played by Frederic Vidal.

It's semi fictional: in the reality, Vidal name to be actor is also Fred Kelly and he's also candidate for the Pres with no press.

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