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VIDA Communications 

core service is multicultural outreach with an in-depth specialty in U.S. Latino and urban consumer programs.

Services include development and implementation of new, stand-alone in-language, in-culture PR and marketing programs or the creation
multicultural extensions of existing general market programs.

What we do:
We develop all aspects of 360 marketing communications programs including national media, social/digital and community
engagement strategies to increase client brand awareness and affinity, and to support their responsible corporate citizen profile. 

We use an integrated approach across content – paid, owned and earned – and across media types – branded, social and regular, traditional

At the heart of our brand ideas is sharp audience insight that inspires engagement. By understanding more about the target consumer, we
can deliver an emotive edge across brand strategy, content, events and cohesive media execution. We can do things that make people think
about brands differently, and develop the way they feel about brands. It’s this edge that enables us to drive not just communication outputs
for clients, but commercial outcomes.

    Public Relations and Media Relations 
    Digital and Social Media
    Events and Experiential Publicity Support
    Corporate Communications
    Analyst relations support
    Blogger relations
    Bylined article placement
    Case studies
    Succinct success stories
    Content calendar
    Content delivery strategies
    Corporate backgrounders
    Customer reference programs
    Digital media
    Editorial + analyst calendars
    Feature articles
    Key message development
    Media + analyst tours
    Mobile PR strategies
    New product + company introductions
    Press conferences
    Press release publicity
    Product positioning
    Publicity + promotions
    SEO strategy
    Social networking
    Strategic counsel + planning
    Thought leadership
    Tradeshow PR planning + support

  • 1. Consumers educate themselves. We live in a world where buyers educate themselves. How many times have you searched the Internet for a service or product review? Everything we could want to know is a click away, so why would anyone want to talk to a salesperson before doing some independent research? Consider the B2B scenario where purchases are large investments and, often, long-nurtured relationships. The decision maker is going to want all the information available. When you provide high-quality content that educates audiences on your services, expertise and thought leadership, you’re providing them the information they need to make a decision they can feel good about. The fact you’re providing this information online means a prospect can educate himself at his own leisure, versus setting aside time in a busy work day to schedule a call he’s probably not ready to have.
  • 2. Efficiency. If you’re in B2B sales, you know having extra materials to give prospects helps close the deal. Imagine if your prospects could receive such materials before your first conversation. By providing whitepapers, case studies, testimonials and the like on your website, you’re preparing your sales team for success. Your team will have more time to visit with ready-to-buy leads than educating those who are still deciding whether or not they want to work with your company, or whether they even need your service or product.
  • 3. Brand messaging control. Control of your brand messaging is absolutely essential. Content creation is a form of documentation that tells the complex story of your brand. With some work, it will do so in a compelling, readable way. Effective content helps control the way employees, media, brand advocates, clients and prospects share your story. Equip them with content to share, and you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing.
  • 4. Thought leadership. When your executive team’s ideas and expertise are represented online and throughout the media, you can’t help but be seen as an authority on your subject. Give your sales team the opportunity to show off your interviews, byline articles and other notable mentions in vertical publications. Let them point out how industry peers and influential figures are looking to your company for trends and innovation.
  • 5. Online authority. Ranking highly on the search engine results pages (SERPs) says something about your brand. People know that search engines such as Google and Bing are always tweaking algorithms to guarantee the most- relevant information is provided when they search for a keyword. When you show up on the first page for industry keywords, it tells audiences that you are one of the most relevant sources of expertise. The same works with social media. Company Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages often appear on the first page of the SERPS when a brand name is searched. If you have a large following on these networks, it tells the prospective customer that you’ve been endorsed and have a healthy, genuine reputation.


Our staff of professional bilingual and bicultural communicators, many of them former journalists, produce credible, high quality, and often compelling content. 
  • Earned. Coverage from professional news media outlets.
  • Owned. Created by the corporation or organization.
  • Social Media. Generated and distributed in and through social media outlets.


Fox News LatinoNBC Latino

New York TimesWall Street Journal
NYC residents


One of our core competencies is media relations and publicity. We help clients develop customized, relevant and effective 


relations programs that help raise awareness, educate and generate a call to action. 

Our advantageous
 NYC location has enabled us to develop strong working relationships with influential NYC news media outlets, from the NY Times to the NY Daily 
News, CNN and MSNBC, to Univision, the Associated Press, Reuters, EFE and Notimex, among many others. We also work with bloggers, organizations, individuals, other brands, and other influencers to help relay and distribute our client's messaging.

Hispanic earned media strategy, national Hispanic media relations, blogger relations, and social media for its Spanish-language social media accounts.


Services include brand monitoring on all social media outlets, from Facebook, to YouTube, to Digg and LinkedIN. 
- Proactive branding on all social media outlets including contributing or editing articles in a wiki (e.g. Wikipedia), blog creation and posting, use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, labels or “tags” to Web pages, online photos, etc.
- “Vote” for websites online (e.g. Digg, Reddit), post updates on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, update/maintain a profile on a social networking site (e.g. Google+, Facebook); add comments to someone’s page or profile on a social networking site; open forums and online discussion groups, post on photo-sharing sites (e.g. Flickr); share information found online with friends using social tools (ie Facebook, Twitter, a blog).
We keep up with always evolving world of social media communications to provide our clients with optimized solutions. 

Systematic, credible and reliable metrics:
- Most Read
- Most Emailed
- Most Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pintarest, etc. 
- We site traffic patterns
- Site stickiness
- Actual sales


Working creatively and collaboratively with clients, and fully leveraging client's in-depth expertise and knowledge of its industry, 
VIDA Communications
 produces high quality client owned content. This content is often distributed and shared among client's key stakeholder audience, including B2B business partners, regulators, elected officials, vendors, news media, bloggers, influencers, existing customers and prospective customers.



We help property owners develop sponsorship packages that effectively and credibly incorporate multicultural/Latino marketing components carefully crafted utilizing VIDA Communications comprehensive mastery and expertise of multicultural sports marketing strategy, management and execution. We provide advice, often representing the sponsor to negotiate and activate sponsorship components that resonate with U.S. Latino consumers and urban audiences.

We also help sports properties owners to create effective multicultural components that meet the needs and interest of sponsors to reach Latino and urban audiences through their sports sponsorship package.

We help both parties secure added PR value and positive brand exposure.


- Political consulting: Take control. Define the issues. Frame the discussion. Win.
- Media and public relations. Respond. Control. Resolve.
- Market & public opinion research. We don't guess.
- Grassroots and grasstops. Identify. Educate. Amplify.
- Government relations. Modern. Policy-focused. Constituents-driven.
- Digital communications. Public Strategy 2.0. Engage. Influence. Deliver.
- Advocacy advertising. Driving public opinion to public action.

FULL SUITE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND COMMUNITY AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS SERVICES, including strategic plans, community outreach, alliance building, third parties, identification of key constituents, affinity programs, town hall meetings, and relationship management.


VIDA Communications' team consists of a consortium of professional communicators, journalists, bloggers, creative writers and authors, public relations professionals and marketing and advertising practitioners. Effective, creative, elegant and clear writing in both English and Spanish is of paramount importance and is exactly what we deliver throughout all of our communications efforts.

OUR WORK... Here are just a few samples of our work for some of past and current clients, including Verizon Wireless, PR Newswire, Kmart, Major League Soccer, Allstate, among others.

PR Newswire campaign focused on growing power of the U.S. Latino vote.

Verizon National Hispanic Youth Soccer Program.

Verizon Wireless Hopeline program. Alliance with "Casa de Esperanza" to reach Hispanic audience.

Verizon Wireless programa contra la violencia domestica.

St. Jude Children's Hospital. Organizing committee pro bono work for NYC fundraiser.

Vida Communications' Hispanic PR Work for the NephCure Foundation is Showcased on PR Week Magazine's “Campaign Case Studies" Section (via PRWeb)

Vida Communication’s highly successful Hispanic public relations campaign for the NephCure Foundation, fully leveraging the support of a renowned Latino boxer, is prominently included in the current edition of PR Week magazine’s “Campaign Case…