Club Statistics

Almost every result of our league matches since 2004 has been logged in a database by our club Anorak. This page shares a few interesting [and many not so interesting] facts...

Did you know...?

As at November 2017, we have used 1,000 different partnerships...and counting...

In mixed, only Paul H and Sue W have played >200 games [224]; Bill has played >90 times with Marg R; Graham has played >60 times with Barbara and with Sue R; Rigs & Lesley have played >50 times.

In men's, only Paul H & Rigs have played >200 games [206]; Paul D & Bill have played >110; Andy B & Imran and Ryan & Alistair have played >80 and four partnerships have played >50: Russ & Rob, Graham & Paul D, Graham & Rohan C and Imran & Scott.

In ladies, only Lesley & Gill and Lesley & Sue W have played >50 games.

How well have we done?

Since Vida was formed, we have had different teams in different divisions. The following charts show how we have performed in each discipline, split by division for fairer comparison.

The first chart is for all match types [Men's and Mixed] for all time i.e. since 2004/05 season. This shows that our ladies have found it tougher the higher up they are playing whereas our mixed performances have managed to keep up with the increasing standard. Our Men have performed equally well in Div 1 as Div 2 and our 3rd Div team [Wigan] have benefited from weaker opposition.

Looking at only Mixed matches, the picture is very similar to above apart from our Div 1 men who have performed well in the mixed matches.

Not surprisingly, the higher standard of opposition in Div 1 has meant that results are slightly lower than in Div 2, but not by much.

The following three charts show the changing fortunes over time for all our teams [Mixed and Men's] - one for each division.

The following two charts show the changing fortunes over time for all mixed teams, again, one per division [the Div 3 chart is the same as above due to us only having a Mixed team in a third division, so is not repeated].

The following chart shows the changing fortunes over time for all men's teams by division. 2011/12 is the best year for Div 2 - this is when we won promotion and from then on our stronger men were in Div 1. This explains the subsequent drop for the Div 2 team(s) and the low performance in our first year in Div 1. Since then, improvements have been seen.

The chart below shows the number of different partnerships that we have used each season. It reflects the marked growth in club membership between 2009 and 2013 and the accompanying increase in the number of teams fielded in local leagues. Membership continued to grow, particularly with more men joining, and another jump in the number of men's partnerships that we used can be seen in 2014/15. Membership has now plateaued at c. 40 and in 2017/18 we reduced the number of mixed teams to 5, so further increases are unlikely to be seen.

After a period of sustained growth from 2010 to 2016, we have seen a slight reduction in membership due to leavers exceeding new members in the last couple of seasons.

Despite a fairly high turnover of members, a strong number of long-standing, loyal members exists. The average number of seasons that the membership at the start of each season has been with us has plateaued at around 10.