Liverpool Junior League


Match report - Day 2 - 22nd April

The opposition for our Y8 A team was harder on day 2 but we still won all four of our matches (Wavertree 5-1, Fords B 6-0, Anfield 6-0, Fords A 4-2). Added to our day 1 victories, this made us clear CHAMPIONS...for the third year running. Our young B team lost to Fords A 0-6, drew with Anfield 3-3, beat Fords C 6-0 and drew with Wavertree 3-3 to come in a very creditable 5th place.

The opposition for our Y10 A team was also harder on day 2 with closer games and one draw (beat Halewood 4-2, Wavertree 6-0, Fords A 3-3). Added to our day 1 victories, this made us CHAMPIONS...also for the third year running. Due to absences, three of our B team were players from our Y8 team (good preparation for next year!); they lost to Halewood 0-6 then beat Wavertree 6-0 to come in an excellent 4th place.

Our Y12 team beat Fords B 6-0 then lost 0-6 to Fords A in the title-decider but we had done enough over the 2 days to come Runners-up for the second year running.

Team photos:

Year 8 A Team Year 10 A Team Year 12 Team

Match report - Day 1 - 26th November

As last year, we entered two Year 8 teams, two Year 10 teams and a Year 12 team.

Our Y8 A team won all their three matches 6-0 (Vida B, Fords C and Halewood) and are currently placed 1st in the division. Our Y8 B team lost 0-6 to our A team, 2-4 to Fords B and beat Halewood 5-1. Current standings:

Our Y10 A team also started excellently winning all their three matches 6-0 (SFX, Fords B and Vida B). Our Y10 B team lost to our A team 0-6 and Fords A 1-5 but beat SFX 5-1 and Fords B 5-1. Current standings:

Our Y12 team beat Wavertree 5-1, Lowton 6-0 and Anfield 5-1. Current standings:

Team photos:

Year 8 A Team Year 8 B Team

Year 10 A Team Year 10 B Team

Year 12 Team


Match report - Day 2 - 2nd April

The league is seeded to pit the top teams against each other on Day 2 so we knew that matches would be tougher but, in the end, our top teams were rarely troubled.

Our Y8 A Team finished off as they started on Day 1 by winning 6-0 and 5-1 to successfully defend their title - a fantastic performance by all 4 players. Our Y8 B team had a few players missing and were even younger than on Day 1. No wins today but games were played in good spirits and they are great prospects for the many years that these players have in this age group.

Our Y10 A team also finished off as they started on Day 1 with two 6-0 wins and a 5-1 win to successfully defend their title. Our Y10 B team showed our strength in depth by winning two of their four matches and moving up from 7th to 5th place.

Our Y12 team has been without a key player for both days but still managed to win 2, draw 1 and lose 1 to come comfortably second. Three of the players are eligible for next year's Y12 team so, again, the future looks good.

Full results and league tables can be found here

Y8 A Team Y10 B Team Y10 A Team Y12 Team

After the team matches, a doubles challenge took place. Our 1st pairing came second in their group and our 2nd pairing topped their group - well done girls!

Winners of the Y12 'B' Doubles Challenge

Match report - Day 1 - 27th November

This year, we have entered two Year 8 teams, two Year 10 teams and a Year 12 team - two more teams than last year.

The Y8 A team won all their three matches 5-1 and are currently placed 1st in the division. Our very young Y8 B team lost 0-6, 2-4 and 1-5 but should have easier games on day 2.

The Y10 A team started excellently, beating SFX 6-0, Anfield 6-0 then our B team 5-1. Our B team fought valiantly but lost 0-6 to Wavertree and 1-5 to Fords A and Vida A - like the Y8 team, they should have easier games on day 2.

The Y12 team had an incredibly tough opener against Kensington and did well to draw 3-3; they followed this up with 6-0 wins against Fords C and Wavertree.

League tables here

Y8 A Team Y8 B Team Y8 A & B Teams

Y10 A Team Y10 B Team Y10 A & B Teams

Y12 Team


CONGRATULATIONS to both our Year 8 and Year 10 teams who, following a strong Day 2, won their respective divisions - outstanding performances all.

Year 8 A Team Year 8 A & B Teams Year 8 B Team

Day 1 is on Sunday 29th November at Liverpool College, Queens Drive Directions. This year, we have entered two Year 8 teams and a Year 10 team.

The Y10 team won their matches 6-0 (Wavertree), 6-0 (Everton Park) and 5-1 (Anfield) - an excellent performance to build on for Day 2 when we play the other teams.

The Y8 A team won all four matches 6-0! (Vida B, Fords B, Sutton A and ?) - well done all.

The Y8 B team lost their first two matches (0-6 Vida A, 1-5 Fords A) in a tough start then drew 3-3 (Sutton B) before beating Wavertree 4-2 - good experience for these players.


Day 1 is on Sunday 16th November at Kirkby Ball Hall, Bracknall Lane, Kirkby. We have entered a Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 team.

Excellent results for our 3 teams today. The Y8 team won two matches 6-0 and lost two matches 6-0. The Y10 team won three matches 5-1 and lost one match 5-1. The Y12 team won all their three matches 6-0.

Team Photos

Day 2 is Sunday 22nd March at Holly Lodge Girls School, West Derby.

Day 2 was a little tougher for us than day 1 and the dropping out of some of the teams that we had beaten on day 1, with the consequent removal of those scores, did little to help us. Overall, the Year 8 team came 4th out of 6 teams; our Year 10 team did brilliantly to come 2nd out of 5 teams; our Year 12 team came 4th out of 6 teams.

Full results and tables here.Team photos below.


Day 2 now arranged for Sunday 14th July.

This year's matches are on Sunday 9th December and Sunday 24th March provisional - this may change due to clash with Manchester league]. This season, we plan to enter a Year 8 team as well as the Year 10 and year 12 teams.

Well done to all 3 teams that played today - a great effort and experience for the future. Completion of the matches [and re-matches] will take place in March which gives us plenty of time to work on tactics and technique.

Interim league tables can be found at


We are entering a Year 12 and a Year 10 team into this season's Liverpool Junior League. Matches are on Sunday 6th November 2011 and Sunday 25th March 2012 at Kirkby Ball Hall.

More information can be found at

Well done to all nine boys who represented the club at the first round of league matches on 6th November.

Despite the Year 10 team being mainly made up of Year 9 boys who have little competetive experience, we put up a very good performance and managed to win one game and draw another.

The Year 12 boys had it much tougher having been placed straight into the Division 1. We battled hard, playing against players with many years' competetive experince, some of whom play at county standard. Some of the results were harsh and did not reflect the effort and skill put into the games by our players. We did manage to draw one game against Lowton - next year...!!

Full results and league table can be found by following the above link.

Year 12 2011/12 table

Pictures of the two teams can be seen below: