Food and Fitness Workshop

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! 
Why not take care of your body for optimal health?

Food and Fitness Workshop upcoming dates 
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There are no scheduled dates for this workshop at this time.

Being healthy and low-risk through nutrition and exercise will not only help you in the delivery room, but you will feel better during pregnancy and recover more quickly postpartum. Birth Boot Camp has designed a program especially for you! Build a great physical foundation for your pregnancy, birth, and baby.

*All classes are Mondays 6pm-8:30pm 

   -For couples pre-conception through post partum    
   -Covers nutrition, exercise, emotional & physical well being
   -How to make healthier food choices in our modern world
   -How to reduce pregnancy discomforts and complications
   -3.5 hours of live instruction, includes full color workbook
   -$100 per couple (see package pricing below)
  -Pairs well with the Hospital Class Series or Out of Hospital Class Series

Photos courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Package pricing

Plus 1 workshop

Plus 2 workshops

Plus 3 workshops

Doula services

Hospital Course ($250)


($350 retail)


($450 retail)


($550 retail)

Add $725

($750 retail)

Out of Hospital Course ($200)


($300 retail)


($400 retail)


($500 retail)

Add $725

($750 retail)

  • Please ask about payment plans,  gift registry options, and preferred provider discounts.