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Notable Mentions (newspaper articles + Wikipedia pages)

  • Gulf Coast Civic Works Act [Wikipedia]
    • I led efforts to garner national support for rebuilding efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2007. My hard work reached fruition when hundreds of students from 40 universities arrived in Louisiana to take action. Soon after, the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act was introduced to the US Congress as Bill HR 4048, drawing supporters such as U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren and then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Student protesters pitch tents on campus [Spartan Daily, San Jose State University's newspaper]
    • While serving as the vice president of Student Homeless Alliance, I created Poverty Under the Stars, which consisted of a panel of local leaders and a sleep-out covered by mainstream media; the sixth annual event was held in 2011. The article quoted me saying, "We have more homeless people in Santa Clara County than San Francisco County and most people do not realize that. In a city as rich as San Jose, it's not unfortunate - it's unjust."
  • Exhibit uses multimedia to examine oppression [Spartan Daily, San Jose State University's newspaper]
    • Leading QTIP as the organization's chairperson, I was fortunate enough to win the rights to be the head designer of a Tunnel of Oppression room. In this article, I was quoted saying, "I hope that as people come face to face with oppression, they will understand that there are still numerous groups in our great nation who still face discrimination and are oppressed even today. I am hoping that people will be educated by the different rooms of the tunnel and that participants of the Tunnel of Oppression will commit themselves to challenging various forms of oppression."
  • On campus clubs offer online memberships [Spartan Daily, San Jose State University's newspaper]
    • I was interviewed about how online memberships can influence organizations. I stated, "When it comes to club activities, having a Web site can help make projects easier as it is much easier to post up messages for multiple members to read at once, and communication can take place a lot more frequently."