Events and projects that have taken place in the park over the last few years. These were all organised by Victoria Park Action Group.

All the photographs displayed in these galleries have kindly been provided by David Smith, Stephen Mason and other members of the community. For more photos of the park courtesy of Stephen Mason go to

Slideshows from across the years are continually being added. Please revisit the galleries to see what has happened in Victoria Park's past.

Gallery 2016

The year begins with some coppicing and thinning, joined by a couple of curious onlookers.
More to come ... so watch this space!

Gallery 2015

Starting another year of events with the record of a great evening of star gazing
in the park, and exploring the sky with the Explorer Dome in St Michael's Church

Starting the year in pictures with the VPAG Spring Clean, there was the Crust's Dog Show,
oodles of fun at the Victoria Park Festival, and it all ended with a seasonal
Carols in the Park, and a Santa Fun. 

Gallery 2013

The start of a new year, the snow arrived heralding one of the coldest Springs in decades. The weather turned and the sun smiled down on the Easter Trail, and the Fun Day. The annual pipe walk from Knowle to Redcliffe passed through the park and for the first time David Smith took part and records his journey here. 

The year begins with a wood thinning in February. Grateful thanks to BTCV and the hardy VPAG volunteers who braved the rain to clear up some of the woodland by the top football pitch.


Gallery 2011

The dog show proved no obstacle to those that took part, and balloons from the fiesta pay an impromptu visit and draw the crowds.


Gallery 2010

The final phase of tree planting (with a didgeridoo player to accompany the willing volunteers). A glorious bonfire night. All topped off with a snowy, and very Christmassy Carols in the Park.


Gallery 2009

Black Cloud, bonfire, bench mending … and a piano? All in the park in 2009. And let's not forget the snow …


Gallery 2008

The year saw fine weather for a picnic, Mr Punch came to visit with all his family and another Dog show proved to be a popular attraction for everyone.


Gallery 2007

Relive the inaugural Tree Planting in the Park and the events that were held around it to mark the occasion.


Historical Photographs

The Victoria Park Action Group has a wonderful collection of old photographs that are presented here. Enjoy the rich history of Victoria Park.