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Did you know that Victoria Park is a dark sky discovery site? Find out more Dark Sky Discovery Website.


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(Posted 25th March 2018) Park Lodge Survey from Windmill Hill City Farm
Windmill Hill City Farm have set up a survey form on the future of the Victoria Park Lodge building. Have your say at:

(Posted 10th Sept) Filwood Quietway Planning Application comments are now closed ...

... but  comments can be read at the following link and clicking on the 'Documents' link:-


(Posted 21st June) Update on proposals for the Filwood Quietway through Victoria Park

We wish to advise you of new plans for the Filwood Quietway cycle path through Victoria Park, and to tell you how you can have your say on the proposals.

After the Council withdrew the previous planning application in January, local residents formed a group called Forward Together and have held three meetings with council officers. During these meetings we have tried to express the opinions of the majority of local residents who objected to the Council’s previous plan.

Route. The Council made it clear that an alternative route outside the park would not be considered. Therefore a route is being proposed (see map) following an existing path. (This would include improving and relocating the entrance to the Natural Play Area so that it would not open directly onto the path.)

Width. The proposed path would be a maximum of 3m wide (except for the section near St Mary Redcliffe Primary School where it is already slightly more than 3m wide). It would continue to be shared-use with pedestrian priority.

Entrances. Barriers would be retained at the entrances, but the design changed slightly to improve access for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, buggies and bicycles.

Trees and wildlife. No trees would be removed and the trees and shrubs in the wildlife corridor along the railway line would not be damaged (but see lighting below).

Lighting. Lighting is a difficult issue because of the impact on bats, other wildlife and the park’s ‘dark sky’ status. The Council said they will not consider an alternative to 4.7m-tall standard lamp-posts, and they propose lighting the whole route. We expressed concerns about the impact this would have on the park. As a compromise, we suggested shorter lamp-posts more in keeping with a Victorian Park, and lighting only part of the route from the school towards St Luke’s Road to allow people to exit the park and use the pavements/roads which are already lit at night.

For details of any further developments, please consult the display board near Mrs Brown’s Café or keep visiting the VPAG website at www.vpag.org.uk 


You will already have heard that as the result of overwhelming opposition Bristol City Council has withdrawn its application for the cycle path through Victoria Park. Thank you to everyone who listened to our concerns, considered the proposal and registered your objections – over 600 of you mostly living within the immediate vicinity of the park, but also including local groups such as TRESA, the governors of St Mary Redcliffe, the Northern Slopes Initiative, Bristol Parks Forum and our MP Karen Smyth.

VPAG believe it is important to encourage cycling and walking in South Bristol, and we support the concept of the Filwood Quietway. We hope that we can find a way forward in which the Filwood Quietway project can proceed for the benefit of communities in South Bristol without negative impacts on our park and local community. In view of this, Forward Together has been formed which is a group of local residents and community groups, with the aim of entering into dialogue with Bristol City Council to explore alternatives to the route proposed in planning application 16/06497/F.

Please continue to visit www.vpag.org.uk or look at the display board by Mrs Brown’s Café for the latest news.

VPAG Meetings
Every month we meet to discuss various things relating to Victoria Park including upcoming events, any issues that have arisen and ongoing projects, like creating the play areas, wildlife areas, mending benches and many more things. 

Our next meeting will be on 14th May 2018 at the Bowling Club, from 7:30 til 9pm, everyone welcome.

We're all volunteers who care about the park and we welcome anyone who wishes to come along and see what we do. If you fancy volunteering but aren't really sure, we don't ask for any commitment just the occasional help when you're available. Typical things we require help with are usually when we have an event, so it could be helping to put up gazebos, being a warden for the bonfire night, weeding and planting, delivering flyers or designing a poster. If this is something that you want to know more about feel free to come to one of our meetings or get in touch.

Diary of Events

Dates for 2018 events to be confirmed soon.

VPAG Calendar 2018 now reduced and available online -

Only £2.50 (plus £1 p+p, if ordered online)
VPAG are proud to announce the third Victoria Park Action Group calendar. You can enjoy images of events and seasons, and celebrate our wonderful park all year round.

The calendars are available from the Victoria Park pub in Raymend Road, and Piglets Vintage at 2 St John's Lane. Big thanks to both for helping us out.

The calendars can also be ordered online at http://bit.ly/2dSmgrX with all profits going to the Victoria Park Action Group.

This superb copperplate etching by award-winning Totterdown artist Ros Ford captures the timelessness of Victoria Park. The detail is astonishing, yet the etching evokes the spirit and freedom of the park with the playful kite and the wide, open spaces.  Ros has kindly permitted us to put this image on the VPAG website. You can see more examples of Ros’s inspirational work by visiting www.ros-ford.co.uk

(Posted 29th May 2017) Wildflower beds news
Thanks #GoodGymBristol for your help again this & last weekend on Victoria Park's community/school pollinator areas and willow tunnel.  You are like a magic wand for conservation groups! 

We now have clear post markers & information signage to indicate where the native planting areas are, needed because they are not always obvious to mowers until they flower, especially as they nestle in among long grass.

These designated pollinator flower areas are important year-round for a wide range of invertebrates, even while they look green and insignificant. They support lots of caterpillar species and many other invertebrates, several species of hungry bats and hunting tawny owls too.

Led by our park Wildlife Group, they are the result of a lot of hard work by volunteers and school children at St Mary Redcliffe Primary, Victoria Park Primary, GoodGym, Woodcraft Elfins and support from Avon Wildlife Trust & Butterfly Conservation.

(Posted 13th January 2017) Caution!

VPAG have received a report that sharp screws were found Thursday 12th Jan on the path between Mrs Browns and the skate/play park. We do not know if they had been dropped or left there deliberately.

VPAG condemn anti-social behaviour of any type that could harm any park user.

If you see anything similar:

·        Clear it up if possible and safe to do so – thanks

·        Contact Bristol Council on  bristolparks@bristol.gov.uk  to report the issue

·        Tell us by contacting VPAG at info@treasuremind.org or post a tweet including @vpagbristol

Let’s keep Victoria Park a great environment for everyone.

Graffiti - a problem where you live? 

There have been reports of graffiti in the Windmill Hill area, we are working with Bristol City Council to tackle these issues, but we need your help.


·        When you see graffiti, report it: 

Report what, where (the precise location) and whether it’s offensive to the Police on 999 (if it’s in progress) or 101 (if it’s already happened) to report it as a crime. This helps us keep track of where graffiti is occurring. You can also report it for removal to Bristol City Council by calling 0117 922 2100 or online: www.bristol.gov.uk/reportgraffitiform .

·         Fill out an ‘indemnity form’ which gives permission for graffiti to be removed from your property by the Council’s cleansing teams. More information online here: www.bristol.gov.uk/graffiti


More information on graffiti:

·         The Council aims to remove any undesirable graffiti from public areas

·         Racist and other offensive graffiti will normally be removed within one working day of the Council receiving permission to remove it.

·         All other graffiti will normally be removed within three days of the Council receiving permission to remove it (ie if on private property)

·         Graffiti on bus shelters: Call Clearchannel Adshel on 0800 731 3699.

‘Clearchannel Adshel’ are responsible for the maintenance of bus shelters. Please report all maintenance issues, including graffiti and smashed windowpanes. Make a note of the two numbers on the roof line e.g. 1102 1182