Disease & Hygiene

Victorian Medicine: From Fluke to Theory - from BBC site

Florence Nightingale - BBC

From Macbeth-like preparations of arsenic, iron or phosphorous to white coats and x-rays, the Victorian era witnessed a medical revolution.

Victorian Medicine - From 1876 Victorian England site.
Covers hospitals, common diseases, women's health, medical breakthroughs, the apothecary (pharmacy)

Health & Medicine in the Victorian era - from the Victoria & Albert Museum - Overview of how medicine was practiced in Victorian times

Health & Hygiene in Victorian London - The Victorian Web
Good overview of various contagious diseases, epidemics, issues of sanitation, class, medicine, etc.

Sanitation & Disease in Rich and Poor
From the Victorian Web. Shows how the poor environment and sanitation of the day could affect even the wealthiest.

Housing and Health
Shows the differences between how the wealthy and poor lived and how it affected their health.

Cholera in Britain
From Learning Curve, UK National Archives.

Channel4 Time Traveller's Guide to Victorian Britain

Cholera in the 19th Century - The Lamb Collection

Mad Dog! (about rabies) - The Victorian Peeper blog

19th c British Medicine & Public Health - list of many different articles from Victorian Web about Health & Nutrition, Sanitation & the Environment, Medicine, Diseases, Substance Abuse, Important Individuals

Hospitals & Doctors
Channel4 Time Traveller's Guide to Victorian Britain

Mind the Bed Bugs Don't Bite - London Evening Standard
Covers history of bedbugs and various treatments to fight them over the years, including during the Victorian Age

Health and Medicine in 19th cent. countryside - Berkshire Family History Society
Looks at whether it was healthier to be in the city or country in 19th c. England

History of Anesthesia - Mass General Hospital