"When we found out that we were expecting our first child together, I knew that I wanted to have a support person by my side. Victoria was highly recommended by a few girlfriends and as soon as my husband and I met her, we knew why! Her warmth, patience, knowledge and support (both mentally and physically) was what allowed my husband and I to stick to our birth plan through what was to be a complicated delivery.

We knew that the birth of our child would not be easy when at 37 weeks we were told by an OB that we should book a c-section since our child was in a frank breech position. I was hesitant and wanted to look into our options. Upon further research, weighing of the pros and cons, and discussion with my OB, my husband and I chose to attempt a vaginal breech birth.

Throughout the whole birth, Victoria was wonderful! She supported us while we were at home, over the phone, she met us at the hospital and was instrumental in keeping us on our birth plan with her rock steady support, her comfort positions, TENS machine and the comfort of the tub! I especially appreciated the fact that she helped keep my husband part of the process and provided lots of great tips for keeping us energized through the long hours. Although I had to deliver in the OR, I was thrilled when the vaginal breech birth of our daughter turned out to be "textbook" and as a result, I was ever so glad that I stuck to my gut and chose a vaginal birth.

We are so thankful for Victoria's guidance during pregnancy, throughout labour, during delivery and the key hours and days that followed. Victoria will be one of the first people we'll call when we have our second child!"

-- Stacey and Ryan

"When I was considering a doula for the birth of my first child, Victoria was referred to me by a close friend. As soon as we'd met I knew she would be perfect for my needs. I was looking for expertise, support and compassion during this unknown and daunting time, and I found it in Victoria. From our first meeting to our subsequent visits, I was prepared for the birthing process with theoretical and practical teachings. Victoria made it easy to understand while making sure I was fully informed, from my birth plan to phases of birthing and breast feeding, all the while keeping the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

I wouldn't have wanted to give birth without her by my side. I felt extremely prepared during my daughter's birth and I was able to relax and enjoy the process with Victoria's guidance and support, both emotionally and physically! It was fantastic to know that my birth plan was respected and followed as much as possible, and I was kept on track if I began to lose focus. 

Once my beautiful baby was delivered I was supported through the processes surrounding her health and during the first hours of her life. Victoria was right there beside me during the entire post delivery phase and helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed with my new role.

I am thrilled to recommend Victoria to all those looking for a knowledgeable, thoughtful, respectful, caring and supportive birth doula. Thank you Victoria for helping me do what I didn't think I could, and for making it a memorable and pleasurable experience which I will cherish for ever."

-- Andrea and baby Charlotte 

"After interviewing several prospective doulas, we settled on Victoria based on her calm, reassuring demeanour, her experience and her sincere interest in our wants and desires for the birth of our daughter.

Due to health issues, our care was transferred from our midwife to an OB at 38 weeks. The following day we had a medical induction. Victoria understood our concern over this change of plans and came to the hospital to support us when the induction started. She returned as soon as labour began and provided wonderful support throughout the labour. While Megan's labour was not long it was extremely intense and Victoria helped her cope by suggesting different positions, calmly encouraging her when she was discouraged and coaching Chris. Victoria's presence was the difference between a natural birth following induction and further medical interventions. 

Victoria's support did not end with the birth. Her visits in the days after the birth helped us come to terms with the birth experience, get assistance with breastfeeding and reassured us as new parents.  

We are at a loss for words to express how much Victoria's support has meant to us, but we have commemorated the profound impact it has had by giving our daughter the middle name "Victoria".    

We will be recommending Victoria's services to all our expecting friends."

-- Megan and Chris

"Having Victoria as my doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. I don’t know how I would have managed the contractions without her calming and reassuring presence. She came to our house and helped me through the early stages of labour. This meant I was able to stay in the comfort of my own home, and not go to the hospital until it was absolutely necessary. Victoria stayed with me during my entire delivery and gently acted as my advocate with hospital staff. She also guided my husband through the entire process, which meant he was better equipped to help me during and after the birth of our beautiful daughter. 

I believe I was able to have a natural delivery because of Victoria’s assistance. We could not be happier with our birth experience and recommend Victoria to all of our expecting friends."

-- Jessica

"Victoria's support and advice before, during and after labour was one of the most positive aspects of my birthing experience.
 helped me stay focused and relaxed. 
My husband and I were very glad that we had Victoria's guidance and support as part of the birthing process; it made my 
70 hours of labour manageable

-- Ingrid 

"As a first time Mom, I found the early stages of labour to be quite disorienting - Victoria came to us soon after we called and helped to establish a rhythm and set a tone of calm for the the birth. Throughout the labour she was entirely devoted to our care and supportive of our decisions and our vision for the birth. As a woman experienced in childbirth, her support came in the shape of a knowledgeable friend who was there to comfort, reassure and offer guidance and suggestions when needed. Victoria's presence is among the many fond memories I have of my daughter's birth."

-- Sonya

"Victoria made all the difference to the birth I had. It’s as simple as that. I had a long labour – it took the weekend for my baby to be born and Victoria was like rock throughout: steady and reliable, calm and helpful, and very warm and friendly. On a practical level she reminded to drink and eat, offered me different positions, massaged my back and generally made a trying time a lot easier to bear. 


When I have my next child I truly hope Victoria is a free to be my doula again. I would recommend her to anyone needing a doula!"

-- Edwina

"When I was thinking of having a doula for our first baby, I wanted someone who would enable us to have a birth experience “with no regrets.” It was a vague goal that neither my husband nor I fully grasped, but that is what I had in my head. 

None of the books, prenatal classes or discussions with your friends can prepare you for the at times overwhelming experience of labour. The reality of my long labour was the staff changed, my midwife came and went, my husband even had to tend to matters elsewhere for a bit. The one constant was Victoria’s support from the moment we needed her until we were finally settled with our healthy, sleepy just breastfed baby boy.  

In Victoria, we found someone who was able to identify our needs even before we realized them ourselves. I know could not have done all that walking, lunging, climbing stairs or marching without Victoria’s firm arm around me and gentle words of encouragement. Whether it was the timely quiet words of reassurance, telling a joke, laughing at a joke, listening, or telling us a story, I am not certain. But it was always the right thing to say. 

Victoria was like having a true friend at a time when one is needed; and this friend happens to know a lot about birthing! What more would a woman/couple in labour want? Thank you Victoria."

-- Darcy, Andrew and Baby Dex