Prenatal Education & Childbirth Information

Ottawa Childbirth Education Association - 6-week evening classes or 2- or 1-day weekend classes

Mothercraft - 2-day weekend classes

Childbirth Connection (evidence-based information about pregnancy and birth)

Spinning Babies (fetal positioning and presentation)

Motherisk (reliable, comprehensive information about medications and pregnancy/breastfeeding)



Ottawa Breastfeeds - access to local breastfeeding resources, including a list of lactation consultants

Dr. Jack Newman - Canadian, with lots of excellent breastfeeding info and "myth busting"

Kelly Mom - wonderful website with breastfeeding info and tips

Milkface - Ottawa stores offering breastfeeding drop-ins, nursing supplies, slings and more

Nancy Mohrbacher's YouTube channel - excellent short videos with up-to-date breastfeeding information

Postpartum Doulas

Other Services

Other Doulas