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2012 AGM Minutes




01 November 2012

Hyacinth Park, Board Room

President’s Address (Nelson Hughes)

The Victoria Fastball Club (aka Devil’s) started in 2004 with two teams.  We have grown to seven/eight teams

In 2012 our 1995 team left the Club but have returned this year with new coaches (Brian Bull and Stan McKinley)

The Club website has been updated and includes a lot of information

Winter Practices are underway with Monday pitching having a turnout of 34-38 pitchers. The Wednesday night hitting has 24-30 players attending.

For the 2013 season some of the softball associations have already agreed to host Devil’s teams.

View Royal – two teams

Hyacinth Park – two teams (95 and 96)

Remainder have not been confirmed

With the 94 team graduating from our program many of the girls have accepted scholarships to US universities. To date we have placed 31 players into inter collegiate softball programs on scholarships.

The 96 Devils had a fantastic year which must be recognized. They won gold at Canada Cup, silver at BC Championships and silver at National Championships.

The 94 Devils won silver at the BC Championships

Other Devil’s teams performed well at “A” level tournaments in both the US and Canada, bringing home medals.

The Club has entered into an Agreement with Kirby’s Source for Sports whereby any of our members is eligible for a discount.

QUESTION – Nelson has heard from one parent that there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction with our Club and the Executive. There is ample opportunity for families to interact with the Executive. The AGM, Coaches Evaluation Form and Nelson has told everybody that he can be approached at any time. He wants this discussed tonight so we can act on it.

Treasurer’s Report (Paul Barron)

Paul presented a full financial disclosure (attached to these minutes)

As of Oct 31, 2012 we have $11,902 in the bank. This represents a net gain in the past year of $7,952.

While registration fees are our largest source of revenue they are, in fact, a net loss to us as the Club subsidizes some of the cost.

Our best money makers are Fall Ball and hosting a Provincial Championship.

Questions to the Treasurer’s Report

Adrian Somers – what does the category “team support” include?

The Club gave $1200 to each team that went to Nationals

The Club has a policy to support families that cannot afford our program.

Mike Delaronde – the 96 team paid for some coaches clothing this year but the Club also has a line item for this expense, why?

Nelson explained the Club policy re: purchase of team clothing for coaches

Anything in addition to this must be paid by the team

Adrian Somers – what does the category “Equipment for Teams” include?

Any new team – usually a first year Squirt team

Tryout pinnies

Balls, nets etc for the Club winter practices

Adrian Somers – what happens to the Club equipment in once winter practices are over?

It is put into storage

The teams do not get to use it

Andrew Rose – what is the bus expense, the parents/ teams paid for this?

This expense also shows up as a revenue so it zeroes out

The Club pays the bus, the teams repay the Club for their use

MOTION – be it resolved that the Financial Statements are accepted as presented.

Moved – Paddy Strandlund

Seconded – Darryl Pearson



The only position that needs to be replaced is that of the Secretary. There were no nomination and no volunteers. Nelson proposed that he will put this question to the whole parent group via email.

New Business

Nelson – reviewed the revenues and expenses for Softball BC as described at their 2012 AGM.

Adrian Somers – do we know what parks the teams that were not mentioned are playing out of?

Nelson – not confirmed yet but he is certain they all have been placed

Adrian Somers – can we use the money earned at Provincials and/or Nationals hosting to disburse back to the teams?

MOTION – be it resolved that the Club will set aside any funds that are surplus to the amount needed for yearly startup into a Contingency Account for future large expenses.

Moved – Andrew Rose

Seconded – Adrian Somers


MOTION – be it resolved that the funds in the Contingency Account will only be disbursed by a vote at an AGM or EOM.

Moved – Adrian Somers

Seconded – Linda Simon


Maria Rose – Can the teams get together and approach a hotel chain about a group discount?

Nelson – I am planning to set up a meeting, chaired by Ross Chow, of the Team Manager’s and Treasurers. This will enable them to share information on several levels.

Old Business

Nelson – I will ask again, Where is this growing discontent that I have been told about?  

No response

Mike Delaronde – the Club needs a better method to evaluate the coaches. The current form is not adequate the number of responses is poor.

Nelson – described what he currently does, and agreed to update the process using the feedback he has received.

Linda Simon – everybody needs to understand how hard the volunteers work and the commitment they are making to this program.

Kevin Simon – would like to see the Club stick to the rules that they have made and not permit exceptions. He saw several instances of uniform violations this year, and this is supposed to be dealt with by the Executive.

Nelson – committed to be more diligent this year as he is no longer coaching a team, this will enable him to see the other teams play more often

Nelson – we have had some good ideas about fundraising (ie. Club poker night). Can I get a volunteer to head our Fundraising Committee?

No response

Mike Delaronde – is this not the meeting where the player registration fee is set?

Nelson – no it is set at an Executive meeting. It will not change for 2013.

Nelson – before we adjourn I am asking for the third time – Does anybody in this room have anything to say about the “growing discontent”?

Mike Delaronde – a good place to start might be “why did the 95 team leave the Club in 2012?”

Bruce Lubinich – the team did not leave, the coach pulled them away and some did not know they had left until after the decision had been announced.

Nelson – the important point here is that they came back.


Ross Chow,
Nov 8, 2012, 11:47 AM
Ross Chow,
Nov 8, 2012, 11:48 AM