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2011 AGM Minutes

Victoria Fastball Club AGM 2011

Hyacinth Park Clubhouse

December 6, 2011

In attendance:
Nelson Hughes                          Norm Johnson                 Mike Newman               Bruce Lubinich
Joey Vande Voorde                  Paul Barron                      Kevin Simon                    Linda Simon
Ross Chow                                  Paddy Strandlund           Bria Wilson                     Mark Wilson
Maria Rose                                Angela Milligan               Adrian Somers                 Brad Olender

Call to order 7:00
  • Presidents Report:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 AGM of the Victoria Fastball Club. My name is Nelson Hughes, President of the Victoria Fastball Club, along  with Executive members Norm Johnson, Russ Fanucchi, Joey Van de Voorde, Bruce Lubinich, Mike Newman and Paul Barron.

As most of you know, VFC was started in 2004 with two teams, since that time, last year we had a high of 8 teams for the first time and will have 8 again this year. We are the only Association outside of White Rock that have two teams in each division.

During the 2011 season, the Devils did quite well in tournaments, on the Lower Mainland and the states, also in Provincials, Westerns and Nationals.

Devils 95: Silver at Vancouver, Washington

Devils 96: 3-0 at Softball City Ice Breaker/ 10-1 in league play/4-4 at the Sparkler, Denver,           Colorado.

Devils 94: 3-0 at Softball City Ice Breaker/ 2-1 North Delta Ice Breaker/ 4-1 at Sidewinder, Seattle/ Gold in Silver Division at Beaverton, Oregon/ Silver at Provincials/ 9th at Nationals.

We are continually revamping our website and now have any information on there that you may require. The nights that are booked at Pearkes Rec. are very strong. Monday night pitching has approx. 36, with many of them being Squirts. Wednesday night hitting has approx.. 30 girls.

Because of the condition of Central Park, last year we approached different associations and asked if we could play out of their parks, we were able to play out of Oak Bay, Lake Hill, Cordova Bay, View Royal and Langford. We will again be asking for their help.

The new uniforms that were purchased have three tops and we also went for pants to complete the official uniform. We now have Uniform Managers, Linda and Kevin Simon. They have done a fantastic job sorting and washing the uniforms, as well as repairs.

We now have approx. 25 past and present players that are going to schools in Canada and the States on scholarship. The latest signee being McKenzie Smith by Stanford, an NCAA Div. I school in the Pac 12.

Adrian Somers and Kevin Simon have been appointed to research the possibility of our own park and also gaming funds.

The past year, we had opening ceremonies at View Royal Park. All the parents and kids were fed hot dogs and drinks courtesy of Mark Wilson at Country Grocer. Again we thank him. To wrap up, we are still looking for another coach for the Peewee 98 team.

  • Treasurers Report:

See attached

  • Elections:

The Nominating Committee  put forward Nelson Hughes for President and Paul Barron for Treasurer. Nominations were requested from the floor. None were received so both were elected.

  • New Business:

-Dues will increase for 2012 to $185

-Ideas to bring the teams together as a club.  Christmas parties and a uniform presentation day   was discussed.

-Fundraisers, as a poker night was discussed. Producing a Yearbook with sponsors.

  • Old Business:

Devils pin were discussed and a price was to be confirmed. Car decals are also to be priced.

  • Provincials:

Discussion regarding the Devils hosting a Provincial each year as a club.

Meeting adjourned