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2010 AGM Minutes





November 17, 2010

Hyacinth Park Clubhouse





Nelson Hughes                        Kevin Simon

Paul Barron                             Linda Simon

Bruce Lubinich                       Darryl Pearson

Brian Wallace                          Joey Van De Voorde

Ethel Van De Voorde             Frank Smith

Britt Hilton                             Brad Olender

Russ Fannucchi                       Norm Johnson

Adrian Somers                       


PRESIDENT’S REPORT  -            Nelson Hughes


2009 AGM MINUTES -  had been distributed prior to the 2010 AGM. These were accepted as presented.



            Paul Barron (interim Club Treasurer) presented the 2009/2010 financials – which are attached to these minutes.  He noted that he has changed the year end so there is some duplication with the previous report but the documents accurately depict the complete year for our Club.

            Items arising from the Financial Report:


1.      Fall Ball

a.       The income is split into two categories as he was unable to ascertain if the cheques were all for FallBall. So these cheques are recorded as “Other Revenue”.

b.      The 2011 Proposed Budget that was presented does not include FallBall in either the income or expenses. Paul will report on FallBall separately and include the profit as a line item in next year’s report.

2.      Uniforms – this number seems to be to high. It was explained that it includes the FallBall equipment, Tshirts and balls. Next year these will be separated out and reported in the FallBall report.


MOTION – To accept the Financial Report as presented.

                        Moved – Seconded – Carried


            Treasurer – Paul Barron by acclamation


MOTION – to thank Elena Ratsoy for her years of service as the VFC Treasurer. We will provide a dinner gift card up to a maximum of $200 and a wall plaque.

 Moved – Seconded- Carried




  1. Britt Hilton – presented a cheque from the 2010 Bantam A Nationals Committee to the Victoria Fastball Club for the amount of $4,850.


  1. Norm Johnson – we need to take steps to protect the private financial information of our members when reporting team financials.


MOTION – that personal financial information is not disclosed during presentation of team financial reporting. Teams are only to report sum amounts and not break down individual contributions.

            Moved – Seconded- Carried


  1. Kevin Simon – the Club should be doing something to help out those families that have difficulty paying our fees. There was much discussion on this and it was agreed that we can offer short term relief through the establishment of a fund. Russ Fanucchi donated $500 to start this fund.


MOTION – that the VFC establish a fund to provide short term financial relief from team fees for families in need. This fund will be administrated by the VFC President and his designates.

            Moved- Seconded- Carried



MOTION – To adjourn – seconded and carried



Ross Chow,
Nov 24, 2010, 8:06 AM