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2009 AGM Minutes



17 November 2009


In attendance:

Nelly de Geus                                          Brian Wallace                                          Darryl Pearson

Nike Newman                                          Norm Johnson                                          Ross Chow

Frank Smith                                             Ian Knight                                                  Cam Preece

Tammy Barry                                           Monta Harrrison                                        Brian Wildman

Russ Fanucchi                                          Elena Ratsoy                                              Ethel Van De Voorde

Joey Van De Voorde                               Nelson Hughes                                          Timo

Bruce Lubinich


President’s Report:             


Nelson gave a brief synopsis of the year in review…..touching on things like the teams, events, and placings; Fall Ball; Rob Geunter and the connection with Softball Canada; the VFC website, which has been updated.

He touched on the fact there are currently 15 girls from Victoria on scholarships in the U. S.

The VFC will be hosting the 2010 Bantam Nationals and we have applied to host the 2010 PeeWee Canadians.


Treasurer’s Report: 


Elena read the report and presented copies, covering the past 2 years. 

Motion to accept – Darryl Pearson             

Seconded:  Norm Johnson


Elections:  Lead by Frank Smith


President – Nelson Hughes (sitting for a second term)

Treasurer – Elena Ratsoy (sitting for a second term)

Secretary – Mike Newman

Uniforms:  Leila Snow


Motion to accept – Frank Smith

Seconded – Russ Fanucchi   


New Business:


Central Park – Discussion on using Central Park and what other parks are available.  Due to the proposed Crystal Pool expansion, Central Park will probably not be a option for us. 

Motion: to form a committee to look into other parks

Seconded:  Ian Knight


Brian volunteered to steer the committee with Ina Knight, Nelson Hughes, and Bruce Lubinich.

Nelson will send out email asking for more volunteers and contacts.


Old Business:


Norm Johnson mentioned the VFC needs a Umpire in Chief – he will ask Jim Gunther or John Cherry and get back to the Club.


It was also suggestd a fund/budget be set up for the umpire training and registration.


Ross asked for a “start up” cheque for the Nationals.  No motion was made at this time.


Brian asked about a operations budget for next year.  The VFC haven’t done this before. 

Elena will do a budget based on 5% increase over the last year – to be discussed at future meetings.


Discussion on the start up cost for the new Squirt team…suggested some money be set aside for equipment, i.e new balls, equipment bags.  It was also mentioned they have been given some old bats & the Fall Ball catcher’s gear.


Coaches expenses – Nelson reminded the coaches (some time ago) to discuss these expenses with parents and get back to the Club in order to set a budget. 

A committee will be arranged to ensure the proposal is clear for all parent groups

in order to be aware of all costs.


Frank Smith, along with Nelson Hughes, Russ Fanucchi, Rick Merrifield, Jenny Lum, and Bruce Lubinich will work of the Policy & Guidelines.


Uniforms – Leila Snow, Bruce Lubinich, and Nelson Hughes will go over the uniform boxes before giving out to the teams.

It was confirmed, that if a team wants to wear pants, they must be white and the players will buy their own.


Frank Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting -  Ian Knight seconded.