Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

Horses are powerful teachers, offering the possibility for
personal growth, learning and healing.

EFP fosters the development of:
Healthy relationships 
Communication skills 
Setting and maintaining safe and appropriate boundaries
Establishing trust
Respect for self and others 
                                                                             Gentle leadership 
                                                                             Recognising, understanding and moderating emotions
                                                                             Managing arousal/energy levels

EFP involves non-ridden active and reflective exercises with horses; no previous experience of horses is necessary. 

EFP is a form of psychotherapy which has a more experiential focus than talking therapies.  This means you gain self- awareness, understanding and learning through physical experience while interacting with the horses. This is supported by the opportunity to talk through and process your thoughts and feelings with me during the sessions.  By interacting with the horses you will become more aware of how you relate to others, your patterns of behaviours and beliefs, and how you cope with life's difficulties. This leads to learning and practising new skills, developing more helpful beliefs and behaviours as well as recognising your personal strengths and gifts.  Furthermore, difficult and painful past or current experiences can be explored and worked through; being in the presence of horses in a calm, safe environment can lead to profound healing of emotional pain.

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is similar to EFP except it focuses on the present and is used for personal development. EFL is not therapy and does not explore past experiences; EFL practitioners do not need a mental health qualification.

Ponies and horses have been a large part of my life since early childhood and I currently have three.  Their physical and emotional well-being is very important and they spend most of their time in the field together which means, although domesticated, they are able to live as naturally as possible. 

EFP/L is usually short term work (up to 8 sessions) depending on individual requirements, which we can talk about when we meet. 

Fees: £80 per 90 minute session.  
          £60 per 60 minute session.
Concessions are available for clients on benefits or low income and students.