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Stormwater Management Program- Victor Town/Village Water Departments

Months/Days/Hours Needed:


Determined by Group Leader:  See description below



One of the best leadership opportunities that Helping Hands has seen.  Volunteers will require leadership skills, responsibility, and organizational skills.  The Victor Sustainability Advisory Committee from the Victor Town/Village Water Departments needs to meet the EPA Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Requirements.  To do this, sewer drains need to be labeled and stormwater runoff control literature needs to be distributed.  The Committee is looking for a group leader and a selected team to coordinate with Town/Village officials to do this on residential streets within the town and village.  Adult supervision and safety equipment will be provided by the Town Highway Department.  Project will be dependent upon reasonable temperature and dry weather.  There are other project options available to help meet the EPA requirements: contact agency to explore these further.

Volunteers will:

  • Select area(s) to be labeled
  • Organize appropriate group to assist
  • Determine the makeup and project duration
  • Coordinate with John Francis and the appropriate Town/Village officials for installation materials, instructions, and selection of site
  • Label sewer drains
  • Distribute stormwater runoff control literature
  • Complete a final written report


Number of Volunteers Needed: 


One group leader and selected team

Contact Information:



John Francis

1033 Oak Ridge Drive

Victor, NY  14564



Special Notes:


See the information below and check out the website listing above for a more detailed explanation of the project.  Interested candidates are advised to call John Francis to discuss the project.


updated 03/20/2012

Extra Information regarding project:

Victor Storm Drain Labeling Project    March  2011 

The following provides information about this project: 

What is a storm drain?  A storm drain system is a network of underground pipes or open ditches designed to control flooding by transporting rain water and snow melt to a local natural water body.  A storm drain system may include curbs, gutters, and culverts.  The water is NOT treated as with sanitary or combined sewers. 

Why label storm drains?  In our community, stormwater runoff is the source of 80% of our water pollution.  A storm drain label is a great way to make people aware of non-point sources of pollution and their responsibility for the environment.  Urban areas are required under the Federal EPA and NYSDEC Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) programs to conduct a public outreach program, such as, labeling storm drains and establishing Adopt-A-Stream program. 

What is non-point source pollution?  This is pollution from a wide variety of activities that is difficult to measure and identify the original source.  It consists of runoff from agriculture, residential lawns, parking lots, roofs, roads and careless disposal of material dumped into storm drains.  Along the way, water picks up motor oil, fertilizers, trash, spa and pool chemicals, antifreeze, pesticides and herbicides and pet waste, and discharges all into local streams with no treatment.  This causes harm to aquatic life, adds to the expense of water treatment, introduces undesirable aquatic species and reduces the recreational value of natural water bodies. 

Who is sponsoring the project?  The Village and Town of Victor and coordinated by the Victor Sustainability Advisory Committee (Green Team).  Material is provided by the Village and Town and the Ontario-Wayne Stormwater Coalition (OWSC).

Contacts: John Francis    Victor Sustainability Advisory Committee       924-9448

                  Ken Wilson   Victor Deputy Water Superintendent     924-5145 x 2214

                  John Turner   Village Director of Public Works      924-2004 

Who is labeling the drains?  Any concerned environmental groups from schools, scouts, and community organizations.  It is an opportunity for local environmental groups, scouts and school groups to engage in community service and fulfill advancement and leadership requirements (i.e.: Eagle project). 

What are participant requirements?

1. Select a group leader who will meet first with John Francis

      a. Group leader will scout the area  to be labeled and determine the approximate number of storm drains.

      b. Labeling will be for the curb drains only

      c. No labeling will be done on private property or permission must be granted (parking lots, driveways, lawns, right of ways)

      d. Emphasis on safety

2. Select a group adult chaperone (list will be available) if required.   Adults will   accompany groups for traffic safety .                                                                       

3. Wear brightly colored clothes and safety vest.  Vests, flags  and cones are   available at the Town Highway Dept. (924-3323, check with C. Haines).

4. Pick up material at the Village DPW or Town Water Dept., learn the application requirements and finalize the area of labeling. 

5. The event involves cleaning the label location, its application and distributing  to residents/businesses brochures and door-hanger public information.

6. Complete a short final report for record keeping (persons involved, dates, areas  labeled).  Town/Village officials must report yearly on MS4 progress.