Working Papers

The Legacy of the Missing Men: The Long-Run Impact of World War I on Female Labor Force Participation. April 2019.

The Missing Men: World War I and Female Labor Force Participation (with J. Boehnke). April 2019.
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No Better Time Than Now: Future Uncertainty and Private Investment Under Dictatorship (with M. Albertus).
Economics & Politics, 2019, 31(1), 71-96.
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Review of Economics of the Household, 2018, 16(4), 879-909.

American Journal of Political Science, 2017, 61(3), 624-641.
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Applied Economics Letters, 2013, 20(5), 495-498.
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Conference Proceedings

Language and Gender Roles among Immigrants to the U.S.: A Historical Perspective (with D. Hicks and E. Santacreu-Vasut).
In P. Paolini (Ed), I Mondi Delle Donne, 165-179. Roma: Edi Cusano, 2016.
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Migration As A Window Into The Coevolution Between Language And Behavior (with D. Hicks and E. Santacreu-Vasut).
In S.G. Roberts et al. (eds.), The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference (EVOLANG 11), 2016.
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Book Review

Roger L. Ransom, Gambling on War: Confidence, Fear and the Tragedy of the First World War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. Reviewed for EH.Net. April 2019.


The Legacy of the Missing Men: World War I and Female Labor in France Over a Century. Spring 2018.
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Overall winner of the UChicagoGRAD's Three Minute Thesis Competition 2018 [Video].
Committee: Richard Hornbeck (chair), Steven D. Levitt, Derek A. Neal, and James A. Robinson.