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Hi out there! my name is Victor...

... and my life started on February 1978 in a medium-size city in south Spain named Malaga. It is located on the mediterranean coast with around 600,000 inhabitants in one of the best european regions to live in, Andalucia. I grew up happy childhood in a happy neighborhood (Ciudad Jardin), among mountains and sheeps. Those years marked my life forever, living in the city and sleeping in the countryside. 

My family made my foundation and my structure. Be the youngest in the family makes you special, parents try to don't make the same mistakes but also they are more focused on you. In my opinion is harder to be the youngest.

After my graduation in school I decided it was time to take challenging decisions. Influenced by the traveller spirit of my family, in June 1999 I decided to face Germany in order to improve my language skills. In the Teuton country, beside the language opportunities, I met my second family in this life, family Meier, in Hamburg.

That fact suppose the beginning of my interest for the unknown, the unexplored. At that point I discovered that I wasn't the center of the Universe, I tasted what we usually say in spanish "las mieles de viajar" (something like "the sweet part of traveling"). My life had an inflection point, I changed radically my way of think and act, it was the beginning of a new phase. 

Next years supplied me no less interests and adventures, in September 2003 I moved to Scotland in order to complete my degree in International Tourism as free-mover. After a succeed year I didn't just get a Bachelor of Arts but experiences and feelings that make me as a person nowadays. Before I went back to my homeland I packaged and put in my suitcase great people stories, tons of new sensations and a mix of point of views.

I like challenges and today I'm living in New York City, the capital of the world and the capital of my feelings. When I visited this city in 1998 I promised myself to come back and live for a year at least. Now I'm in the middle of this trip, it's almost accomplished but I have this kind of taste in my mouth when you finish your ice cream and isn't enough. 

Try to link all what you read before and you'll get the pathway for my forthcoming years.

Victor Garrido 

New York City - April 28th 2006


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