RL class

Classing: RL - R class Leasable/Leasing

The RL class was started by MKA in the mid 1990's using the frames of the supposed scrapped NSW 442 class locomotives owned by MKA at the time. The process included cutting the frame in half and adding a new centre section for supporting the larger engine. They were EMD engined and had GE alternators and traction motors. When MKA folded they were stored for a time before the owning company decided to finish them due to locomotive shortages at the time. They began to have problems with sourcing parts for the last of the class members in that they have a 645 engine which is by now outdated by 15-20 years. They were top heavy when introduced and were given carbon fibre side panels toward the top to help solve the problem. They suffered a few problems with coupling an EMD engine to GE traction equipment and this caused many failures. The completed but bare frame of RL308 was stored for many years (possibly due to damage that rendered it bent) until being sold off for scrap in a cleanout in 2013.

Drive type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-645F3B
Generator: EMD AR10?
Traction Motors: GE 752
Horse Power: 3800hp
Weight: 132t
Max rated speed: 115km/h
Builders Model: AT36C-3

 Locomotive  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 RL 301  SSR  Red Handed  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/9/2006  -  In Service
 RL 302  SSR  Rimfire  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/2/2007  -  In Service
 RL 303  QUBE  Arwon  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/1/2007  -  In Service
 RL 304  SSR  Hyperno  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/3/2007  -  In Service
 RL 305  SSR  Rising Fast  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/4/2007  -  In Service
 RL 306  SSR  Kiwi  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/?/200?  -  In Service
 RL 307  SSR
 Peter Pan  Cootes Green and Yellow  ?/?/200?  -  Stored
 RL 308  -  -  -  -  -  Scrapped
 RL 309  QUBE  -  QUBE Silver and Yellow  ?/9/2010  -  In Service
 RL 310  QUBE  -  QUBE Silver and Yellow  ?/?/2010  -  In Service