George F. Barber

Links to Pictures of Barber's Work

A fancy version of George Barber's "Cottage Souvenir" Design No. 41.

This one looks the most like mine, It is beautiful, wish there was more pictures of the inside. Clarksville Ar. George Barber
The Charles S. Peach House, completed in 1890. An example of design #41 from the pattern book Cottage Souvenir #2. George F. Barber, architect.
This Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful Barber design, I would love to go stay in this one in the near future!
The M. R Ford house is another example of a flipped version of our home.
Here is a great group of pictures and information about Barber design homes. 
New Home modeled after the same floor plan with an added turret which was on a lot of Barber's designs.